Tuesday, June 9, 2015

So, so much

Well, it's been a difficult past week.
My grandma passed away Sunday, May 31. My family seems to be dwindling so fast lately. I'm not even close to being done grieving for my grandpa, so all this seems a little numbing.
I took a couple days to get the house in order and pack for myself and the boys. I went home last Thursday to spend the day/evening with my mom, aunt and cousin (the only girls in the family). Jason stayed back with the boys until they were done with school on Friday and then he headed up with them to his hometown which is near mine.

My brother, uncle and other family flew in and we had a long weekend together. The funeral was filled with beautiful flowers and a very surreal feeling. The boys did well. Brady didn't want to leave the casket area and at one point asked to kneel down in front of Grandma for quite a long time. Jax was completely uncomfortable and stayed away, but did come by Brady and I momentarily.
We came home Sunday and have been trying to play catch up since. I'm doing ok. I have a constant 'sad feeling' going on, but I feel like that's ok. I'm nervous for the boy's birthday next month and holidays at the end of the year to really feel the realness that they're not there like they always have.

This is the last week of kindergarten for the boys, so I'm definitely distracted with all those going ons. We finally finished up our repairs of the attic, bathroom, ceilings and vents inside the house, so that's a relief. Today, our lawn was finally finished - which had been put off due to rain for the past 2 weeks. Jay has been outside feverishly trying to figure out the sprinkler situation to keep all this new grass growing.

I'm still in shock that the boys are almost officially done with kindergarten. They are suddenly on a rapid warp-speed to graduate and leave me I swear!

My mom, grandma and the boys last year.

My grandma's first selfie with me. This makes me smile.

I bought the boys new summer clothes and realized quick that Jax is still not fitting into size SMALL for boys, sigh... he's getting gaunt again and I worry. His next Endocrinology and Feeding Team followups are next week. More to come...

Star Wars night at Miller Park on May 30 (I behind on updating)

The special section for the special bobble head. Yes, the LAST seats!

Too cute

The boys have baseball cards :)

The last of repairs inside last week.

May aunt, cousin, niece and mom all out by my grandpa's house last Friday.

Silly. Brady asked me to write down the Apple App password this morning. This was my response to him.

Final-stage of front yard commenced this morning.

Many trucks of dirt came.

What a disaster for a few hours!


New grass planted along the side and down along behind the swingset.

The boys will have double the amount of yard to run around on soon enough.

Now we need a pretty mailbox since you can see it!

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Matt & Shana said...

Your yard looks great!! and the picture with your grandmother is beautiful! I have a selfie with my grandma about 9 months before she passed and I cherish it along with the memories of our last phone conversation when I told her I was engaged - hugs!!