Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7th Birthday!

How on Earth did these boys get to be SEVEN years old already? Wow... fast years for sure. This was my grandpa's first birthday in Heaven. He shares the day with the boys and it was always so special for them to have that together. We'll cherish the memories forever.

The boys had a friend-party at our gym on Saturday afternoon, then a small Sunday lunch for grandparents and a couple close friends. It was nice and relaxing to hang out. The boy's actual birthday was Tuesday, so it was a lot of small celebrations up to that point!

They were very excited to find out we're going to Florida in about 10 days for Legoland and Disney World. They seemed very excited, but nothing that would make it onto America's Funniest Home Videos or anything. Then, suddenly Jax got very quiet looking at the photo I had in his present and he covered his face. It finally sunk in and he started to CRY! Unfortunately that part of the surprise didn't make the video :( Boo, but nonetheless, these boys are pumped.

We've got a busy week ahead with things planned, and of course, I've GOT to figure out the packing with us traveling to a place that's not a family member's home with these boys. Thankfully we are on Southwest so I can check a big bag of just Jax's supplies and equipment. We won't be packing super light unfortunately!

We've got the soup kitchen and 2 baseball games over the next couple days, a trip back up home for a family picnic on Sunday and then I'll be in planning/packing mania I'm sure!

They have their 7 yr old physicals the day before we leave, so it will be another good touch-base-convo with the doctor for Jax before leaving. I had a talk with his asthma specialist already who had given me some important tips for him (use a stroller at Disney with a fan, cooling towels, AC breaks and use the albuterol neb morning/night along with an inhaler packed along each day), as well as his GI doc (who really wants a lot of hydration). Jax has a difficult time with walking past 4 hours non-stop with his low muscle tone and usually makes Jay carry him, so we're prepared for the long day in the heat - I already ordered a large stroller for him to be delivered to our hotel for that one day. I just need to find a clip-on fan now...

Summer fun!

Sign at the gym for their party

Cake at the gym for their pirate party!

As kids came in, they started making pirate hats and getting their faces painted!

Treasure chest of loot each kid took home

Pin the patch on the pirate while kids were still coming

Upstairs the games had begun!

They all went crazy!

Relay races (walk the plank!)

Having fun racing!

Cake time!

Little pirate blowing out the candles

The pirate crew

Sunday lunch with Grandma

This KID!

The guys giving the girls a ride

Birthday boys!

This KID

This one TOO - Kelsey

Nana Jayne and Mama

Hee hee hee

Jax taking Drew for ride

One more cake!

These KIDS are getting old on me!

Morning of their birthday on Tuesday

Miss Lyndsey their sitter took them to the Minions matinee 

That night a huge storm took down half of our front tree!

Hibachi birthday dinner!

We have a mess to take care of tonight!

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