Friday, July 10, 2015

Lake Fun

Let me start this with the fact that Ive been trying to update this bad boy for the past couple of days, but since we're in the middle of converting all our photos from our old iMac that we got 8 years ago to the new MacBook Air... it's a slow... slow... frustrating process. Because nothing syncs when apps are super out of date, and no one wants to lose 8 yrs of PHOTOS. ugh.
So I'm sorry to report that I don't have photos on this post YET, but I will go back and add them as soon as our computer-debacle is settled.
ETA: I've updated the photos!
Which is a bummer, because we were up at the Garber cottage last week and the photos are super cute. Sorry!

So yes, we we had a quick turnaround from being up on Washington Island, to a few days home to get laundry done, to pack again to head up to Loon Lake! The weekend was so wonderful and I wish it could be like that every weekend. The weather promised to be amazing, but wasn't super great the first day. Saturday was amazingly beautiful though and we took advantage of every moment to be outside.

We did a lot of water/boat/tube/ski fun for sure. This little lady water skied for the first time. It was NOT pretty, but I did it! I flipped off the tubes twice much harder than last year and definitely had to let the boys out for fun while I rested up on the boat.

The kids had a blast. And I must say, it's interesting to see how much they grow and mature each year. This year they all were rather quiet and playing nicely while they let the parents sleep IN. We all got up at 9:00 AM.... what?! My boys had woken me up a few times with questions/needs, but really, the kids were so content each morning. It's such a nice way to start the day.

I truly wish we were a bit closer and that summer was a bit longer to have more weekends like that...

We are back at a small rat race being back at home. The boy's baseball started back up from the holiday break, and they also have their birthday celebrations this weekend. They have their pirate party at our gym on Saturday after a morning baseball game. I feel bad for Brady since ONE of the six kids he invited from school can come and FIVE are coming for Jax. Thankfully, our neighbors are coming too, so hopefully it won't seem too obvious. We're trying to give them their 'school-friend' party that they've been asking for. They're really growing up on us...

On Sunday we have grandparents and a few close friends for lunch and cake. I know our babysitter is taking the boys to the new Minion Movie on their actual birthday Tuesday while we're at work. I'm sure Jay and I will take them to dinner that night too - what a BUNCH of little celebrations they get!
We're also revealing the big Orlando-trip to them on Sunday, so we'll have to film that reaction!

The kids each morning being FANTASTIC!

Smiley bunch

The dog was loved on very much!


Jay and Brady taking a ride

Mama antics

Bye kids!

Sid is a PRO!

Me... not so much

But I kind of did it, LOL

Cruisin' around

Mamas too!

July cake time!

Happy 4th of JULY!

My guys...

A toad to play with on our way out on Sunday!

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