Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer days

The boys have had some 'true summer' days these past couple of weeks. I'm really hoping they get a lot more in after our trip. I'd really like to see how Brady does with his training wheels off. We'll have more time after summer school ends this week.

The boys are officially done playing with the Grasshoppers little league baseball. They did great and learned a lot. Jason is of course, already planning what league they'll be in next...

Last weekend we headed up to Kewaunee for an afternoon of "Christmas in July" with some of my family. I really wanted to get up there since it was around my grandpa's birthday (same day as the boys) and I have great memories of him at this picnic last year. He and my grandma's photos were on the tables, which felt really nice.
The boys love hanging around all the family members. I wish there more kids their actual age, but it is what it is - they get tons of attention from everyone!

Jax is back to eating well again since he's been on his feeding meds again. He really drops off about a week after stopping. We're hoping that by taking it up to this Saturday morning, he may do ok while we're gone next week - oy, we'll see!

I'm officially in packing-mode. There is SO much to bring now with Jax needing to check all his stuff instead of just shipping in advance like we always did. This will be our first real trip 'away' with them in hotels non-stop. WISH US LUCK! I'm hoping for some of the most magical memories with them next week :)

Working on bike riding.

Jay refusing to hire some help... let's just say I was handing him a chain saw after he climbed the tree (shaking my head!)

Field game!

Participation trophies - Jay doesn't have the greatest feelings about these, but he handed them out with a smile!


I thought it was a good idea to let them have bouncy balls in a store...

Teepee fun at Uncle Jim's!

My mom and I with my Aunt and cousin

Playing badminton

Jax with Jay and some cousins 

THIS kid

Sitting on motorcycles!

No lie. This kid completes me.

Slightly excited to spend birthday gift cards at Target!

So excited, that they held hands running around the video game aisle. 

They picked out the first "Cap't Underpants" books too - they LOVE them!

Backyard fun with the neighbors!


Matt & Shana said...

It may be too late for your trip but she links a clip on stroller fan and a mister so I thought of you and the upcoming trip!!

Good luck and have a great time - lots of pictures, making memories :)

Craig & Shannon said...

That slip-n-slide baseball game looks AWESOME!