Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer dwindling down!

It's been TOO long!

We are at the end of summer, boo! I'm ready to have the boys start up their school-routine, but I'm not ready for the beginning of 7 months of COLD! We have one week left to try and soak it up.

The boys had their "forms and fees" with school photos this past week, so they are all set for 1st grade! They have open house this week where they'll drop off their supplies and pick their desks. The boys were excited to see which friends of theirs were going to be in their new class. I'm happy to find out that Brady's teacher is going to be the assistant teacher that he had in kindergarten - so they know each other! I like that she was able to see where Brady was, so his speech isn't shocking, but instead, IMPRESSIVE knowing where he came from :)

One of the neat things we've started to notice since the boys have turned 7, is the maturity in their thoughts and how FUNNY the worlds of young child and maturing child are when they collide - ohhh the things THEY say!

The first of both front top teeth in a week!

Don't we all wish we could just LAY on top of others whenever we wanted?

State Fair!

Bernie Brewer!

Birthday gift cards finally used for Hank and Lucroy!

This kills me... they are turning into ALL arms and legs!

Training wheels off! Still working at being able to ride it tho :) Jax will be quite awhile yet, so I feel like Brady is taking his sweet time...

Finishing up school supply shopping!

AWE! Bring on the crazy puzzle piece teeth... wait, let me enjoy this cute smile for awhile

We put my old Mac down in the basement for the boys to use. It's so so slow, but they think it's cool!

I had my birthday last week, but was SO sick that week! We had a cake just before I went to bed!

After 10 days of illness, I was well enough to escape for a weekend with my girlfriends and  have some FUN!

It just so happens we all have Chevy Traverse vehicles, how funny!

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