Thursday, September 24, 2015

Full Weekend

We had a weekend jam-packed with fun. My brother visited from Oregon, which is such a treat for the boys. We took them to Dave & Busters Friday night and all the boys had a total blast.
On Saturday, we took the boys to a Badger game with Jay's family. We had so much fun! The night got later than we'd hoped since it took so long to get seated for dinner, but thankfully the boys slept on the way home.
We had church on Sunday and the boys are totally hooked on Sunday and Jay and I are loving the services. Although Jax was a bit of a mess on that morning, so we think he had a little too much fun over the weekend. He was very argumentative and crabby, so I tried to get him in bed early on Sunday night.
When Monday morning came around, we had to scoop him off the floor to get dressed for school. He came off the bus that day telling us his head was hurting really bad. He's never complained of a headache before so that seemed odd. He started a fever and he was totally down and out and refused dinner and wanted to sleep. Oy.
I checked his blood sugar for a baseline since he was refusing food (it was 86) and we hooked him up for a slow fluid pump and hoped the Tylenol would help his head and fever. He never started any respiratory cold symptoms, so I was wondering if he had strep. The next morning he was still refusing food, but I knew he was nice and hydrated from the overnight since he never vomited.
If it weren't Jax, I might have waited one more day before hitting the doc's office, but his fever got up to 103 and he started complaining about his head again.
The doc swabbed him assuming strep as well, but NOPE - he's still never had it! They sent the swab in for some more tests since he had some odd symptoms, but I felt hopeful it was just a virus that needed to run it's course.
I realized around dinner time that he was perking up a bit and I felt relieved that it wasn't going to blow up more. He had a great overnight and by Wednesday morning - GONE! Huh, almost like he's a normal kid :) We never get simple 24 hr viruses with this kid, we'll take it!

Jax has a front top tooth hanging on for dear life and Jax's hands are constantly touching it. Ugh... he's just asking to pick up every germ! We talk about hand washing more than anything else lately I swear!

The boys are still loving school. I've had to sign up for 3 different computer apps as a parent and it's a bit overwhelming! One app is to keep tabs on the boys and their behavior in the class. They earn points for following the rules and get points deducted when they don't. It also shares photos and announcements.
Theres another app for parents to stay connected with each other and the teacher for communications when volunteering and other things in the class. And there's also an app for the kids to do math activities and I have a parent login to monitor how they're doing.

It's safe to say our eyes are on our kids, ha!

Daddy had a work function one night, so we made popcorn and cookies and watched the last Star Wars movie from the trilogy - total fun nerdy night!

Brady "helping me" spray coconut oil... all over the counter.

Learning stove-safety and helping me stir.

On our way to Dave and Busters with Uncle Adam

Oh these boys...

Brady rolling his eyes

Brady isn't thrilled that Jax is wearing the Badger

Getting a little lift from Uncle Clint

The girls got 2nd row seats!

Cousins being goofy

The fam!

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