Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

It's been an interesting past week that's kept me on my toes, as usual!
Jax's incision site continued to get red and tender looking. I spent one night on the phone outside of a restaurant with our pediatrician on her emergency line texting photos and asking for advice when Jay took the boys up north. That definitely got me frazzled.
I watched Jax's incision with a lot of advice, but once he came home from school on Monday, I didn't like the way it was looking and was once again, on the phone with a doctor most of the night and this time emailing photos to the on call surgeon.
The end result is that we think Jax had an infected stitch trying to work its way out, and was treated with Neosporin the past few days. It seems to be scabbing over, but I still have my eye on it. I'll save you all from the dozens of ick-photos of that area from the past few days.
I had better hopes of a lesser-scar from the first look of this bad boy last week, but now I can see it will leave quite the bad-ass scar for him.
If all continues to go 'ok', we will see the surgeon for a tube-change and checkup in two weeks with the surgeon. I can't wait for this to be behind Jax and for him to not have this pain. He's still very guarded of the area, and hooking up his tube at night and changing out pads on his new tube is still tender for him, ouch.

Brady has stayed with the tradition of getting sick on a major holiday (last Christmas, Halloween and now Thanksgiving). Although this one seems to be a simple cold. I've been rubbing tons of immune-fighting oils on their feet and diffusing some as well in their room. I'm trying to contain it, but thankfully it only seems to be a runny nose and nothing too big.

We had a very low key Thanksgiving. Jay went hunting in the morning and we relaxed in the afternoon and had a dinner out with a movie to follow. We travel or have plans every single weekend in December, so we wanted to have a less stressful end of this month. I'm also trying to keep these immune systems up before December!

The boys have the next few days off and Jay is out of town now until Wednesday, so I'm going to try and find a mix of entertaining them and making sure I stay on my agenda to get everything done in time for the holidays. I've got my list!

Hooked up to his night-feeding and reading to his brother.

Decorating a few days early so we could get Jason's help before he left.

The boys were really into the tree and I'm pretty sure we have MANY more ornaments than we usually do. I had to cut them off!

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