Sunday, November 15, 2015

On Our Way

Jax turned the corner on Thursday and started to get up on his own, and didn't cry with depression when waking up. We kept his activity low and let him really just heal up even with feeling better. He left the house for 30 minutes later on Friday to the chiropractor and then to church for an hour on Sunday to Sunday school. Otherwise he's been home for 8 days just trying to get better.

He'll go back to school tomorrow, which he's really excited about. I'm hoping without gym class, he'll do well. He walks a little hunched over like a little old man since he's protective of the area, but I'm sure that will get better over the next week. We took the bandage off on Wednesday night and the site looks really healthy, although the incision is rather large, which explains the slower than expected healing. We can take off the steri-strips and give a bath this upcoming Thursday, but until then we do showers and spot clean the area. It's tender so he's very cautious when I come at him to clean it up. His skin is a bit aggravated around it too from the bandage, but that's all small things that should be better next week.

Brady said he's happy to have his bus-riding buddy back tomorrow :)

First night with the bandage off.

A smile!

It was slow but he got by himself on Thursday!

Friday he was able to get down to the ground by himself - pretty proud here on the way to the chiropractor.

Walking around like it's his job and checking out the piggies.

Treats from the Bonins that have yummy.

Brady brought home some homework for Jax.

Signs of feeling better on Saturday. I stripped the beds and found this crazy contraption. Jax of course didn't jump, but he sure had Brady do it!

Spooning with an iPad!

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