Thursday, December 3, 2015

'Tis the season

The holiday season is in swing. I've been ordering, wrapping, adding decor around the house at the boy's request and finalizing all our plans for the month. The boys have a school concert next week, they sat on Santa at the fire station yesterday and their Sunday school class program is coming along. Oh, and Buddy the elf has been running around our house as well. They just love that thing, and I figure my years are fleeting here with their excitement about these things.

We got the surprise of seeing the firefighter who came to our house when Jax went into shock with his seizure last January when we were at the firehouse seeing Santa last night. It was crazy how he remember every single detail and how lucky we are. He was amazed watching Jax giggle with a friend and said he couldn't believe that he recovered from that. He was so happy that he did, but he shook his head saying most kids either don't survive or they have lasting effects. We are beyond blessed.

The boys had their dentist appointment this week, which turned out great. All of Brady's 6 year old molars are in, so we scheduled an appointment for his teeth to be sealed. I'd love a childhood without cavities if possible!
Jax's bottom molars are half in and none on top yet, so we'll see if they're in for sealing at his next 6 month appointment. The dentist said he still has a typical mouth of a tubie. Meaning he has a lot of hard plaque buildup since he doesn't chew as much as a typical eater. That hard plaque actually protects his teeth from decay - odd, hey?

As I was picking the boys up from school, I was able to talk to their speech therapist and Jax's special-ed director in the hallway quickly. We all quickly confirmed with one another that Jax hasn't been improving with speech or feeding. The special-ed teacher asked if anything neurological happened lately since his mouth motor function seems to be 'off' lately. Umm, not sure what that means, so I said.. "no?".
I got an email today from the speech therapist that she's going to start pulling Jax twice a week for individual therapy sessions and keep him with the group on Fridays. He's not progressing as much as we had hoped, so hopefully that will help. I contacted our feeding therapist to give him an update and to also ask if he could contact the speech therapist so they could get on track with each other on a game plan for him.

When I picked up Jax, I noticed he had a rubber sensory pad on his chair in the classroom. I asked him later that night if he's had that for a long time and he said he did. My heart sank a little knowing he was the only one in class to have one. I know it probably helps him focus, but ugh. I was hoping he'd be a little further along with his developmental delays, but it seems he's had to re-add services this year. I'm anxious for teacher conferences to be scheduled.
The good news is that Jax has passed into level 19 reading, which is pretty fabulous, so it's really nice to see him not struggle with one area. Maybe he'll thrive a little more over this year hopefully!

I have a feeling that Brady may not need an official IEP after this year since his speech isn't affecting his learning the way it was in preschool and kindergarten, but I don't want to put expectations on it.
He is kinda kicking butt outta school, so I hope it keeps up!

Sometimes I wonder if the boys are mirror-image twins. This happen if the egg splits late (which we know it did since they were mono/mono) and it often means the kids will have opposite physical features, which I don't even think the boys look identical so I can't see that, but they do have different dominant hands. Mostly I wonder this since they have different sided brain strengths. One boy is organized, a rule follower, gentle demeanor, enjoys drawing/cooking/crafts, is sensitive and quite thoughtful. The other boy is messy, unorganized, throws fits, loud and can be demanding, although extremely happy and kind. They do both share a similar demeanor of sweetness and wanting to please  people. One child has seasonal allergies, has eczema and is allergic to two medications and doesn't take any daily medication. The other child has NO allergies to anything and has a laundry list of daily meds. One has a brown eye and blue eye and freckles with straight hair, the other has both brown eyes, no freckles and curly hair.
Twins can be fascinating can't they?

Immune-support essential oils foot-rub each morning!

A few games at Ci-Ci's pizza with my dudes.

Shannon stopped by with the boy's Advent calendar, lucky ducks!

Brady helping me make rice krispy treats!

Visit with Santa at the Town of Brookfield Fire Dept!

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