Wednesday, December 23, 2015

We've hit the charts!

The holiday is upon us! The boys are home for school for about 50 days now it feel like :)
We did some end-of-year wrap ups this week in preparation to just celebrate and be with family over the next week.
Jax saw the surgical nurse on Monday to change out his g-tube and have a measurement. It turns out he fit better in a longer one and his pain seems to be so much better. Of course I have 6 extra g-tubes that are the wrong size now! Time to start hoarding the new size (g-tubes are about $350 each, so we rely on the allotted amount each year that are covered.
Then, Jax saw his Endocrinologist after for his 6 month checkup. He is growing SO nicely, which some of it is mainly due to being so healthy these past few months. He's missed 9 days of school, but none due to illness! I worry that we'll have a horrible winter of illness given our great fall-record, but how negative of me to think?!
So... Jax is ON THE HEIGHT CHART! He was just skimming it in June at his last appointment, and now he's at 7%! The doc had some blood work drawn up, but assuming that's all good, we're not increasing the hGH dosage for the first time since starting it two years ago. The doc LOVES his recent growth and said if he keeps it up, his health won't be so compromised when handling illness like last winter. Gosh, it's so nice to see this kid growing!

*He didn't grow on pace from birth to 9 months, then he got the GJ-tube that feeds direct into his intestines and he grew SO nicely, but we chose to move him back to the g-tube and start his stomach up to give him a chance to learn to eat and start developing his motor skills. Kids who have their tummies turned off too long risk never being able to use it, so we had a double edged sword decision. After that, his growth really fizzled out. He and Brady were the same length at their 12 month appointment and by age 4, Brady was 3" taller and Jax's health was really suffering. He barely grew from age 4-5 (you see in the photo at the top of this blog actually) so that's when we had to intervene. That's all called 'failure to thrive'. If a child isn't growing, they're not healthy, plain and simple. Thankfully, it's working and he's doing some much needed catch up growth to be a healthy short person :) (there's your backstory side note if you wonder why the heck he's having all these endocrine issues)

We hope everyone enjoys the Christmas holiday, we have a packed schedule of fun to see family everywhere. We'll be home until Christmas morning and then start the weekend tour up north. My brother flew in today, so the kids are pretty hyped up to kick it all off with their uncle visiting, and OMG MOM SANTA IS GETTING READY! (Let's take bets how early they wake us up on Friday morning)

The boys at church after their Christmas program last weekend.


Brady and I had an entire afternoon of cookie making after church. 

He wants everyone to know we were in aprons.

I'm surprised he helped the entire couple of hours!

These two fools camped out in the basement for the football games.

He had to decorate every.single.cookie. Jax came upstairs to decorate TWO of them. Then he was done :)

A quick couple-day-project of a new floor in the boy's bathroom and replaced trim in the first floor powder room.

Jax helped to change out his own g-tube on Monday! He took it right out!

Trying out his new sport belt!

This should protect him during baseball and basketball!


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Matt & Shana said...

Brady is a future Master Chef Junior candidate in training :) love the new bathroom floor!!