Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer days

The boys have had some 'true summer' days these past couple of weeks. I'm really hoping they get a lot more in after our trip. I'd really like to see how Brady does with his training wheels off. We'll have more time after summer school ends this week.

The boys are officially done playing with the Grasshoppers little league baseball. They did great and learned a lot. Jason is of course, already planning what league they'll be in next...

Last weekend we headed up to Kewaunee for an afternoon of "Christmas in July" with some of my family. I really wanted to get up there since it was around my grandpa's birthday (same day as the boys) and I have great memories of him at this picnic last year. He and my grandma's photos were on the tables, which felt really nice.
The boys love hanging around all the family members. I wish there more kids their actual age, but it is what it is - they get tons of attention from everyone!

Jax is back to eating well again since he's been on his feeding meds again. He really drops off about a week after stopping. We're hoping that by taking it up to this Saturday morning, he may do ok while we're gone next week - oy, we'll see!

I'm officially in packing-mode. There is SO much to bring now with Jax needing to check all his stuff instead of just shipping in advance like we always did. This will be our first real trip 'away' with them in hotels non-stop. WISH US LUCK! I'm hoping for some of the most magical memories with them next week :)

Working on bike riding.

Jay refusing to hire some help... let's just say I was handing him a chain saw after he climbed the tree (shaking my head!)

Field game!

Participation trophies - Jay doesn't have the greatest feelings about these, but he handed them out with a smile!


I thought it was a good idea to let them have bouncy balls in a store...

Teepee fun at Uncle Jim's!

My mom and I with my Aunt and cousin

Playing badminton

Jax with Jay and some cousins 

THIS kid

Sitting on motorcycles!

No lie. This kid completes me.

Slightly excited to spend birthday gift cards at Target!

So excited, that they held hands running around the video game aisle. 

They picked out the first "Cap't Underpants" books too - they LOVE them!

Backyard fun with the neighbors!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7th Birthday!

How on Earth did these boys get to be SEVEN years old already? Wow... fast years for sure. This was my grandpa's first birthday in Heaven. He shares the day with the boys and it was always so special for them to have that together. We'll cherish the memories forever.

The boys had a friend-party at our gym on Saturday afternoon, then a small Sunday lunch for grandparents and a couple close friends. It was nice and relaxing to hang out. The boy's actual birthday was Tuesday, so it was a lot of small celebrations up to that point!

They were very excited to find out we're going to Florida in about 10 days for Legoland and Disney World. They seemed very excited, but nothing that would make it onto America's Funniest Home Videos or anything. Then, suddenly Jax got very quiet looking at the photo I had in his present and he covered his face. It finally sunk in and he started to CRY! Unfortunately that part of the surprise didn't make the video :( Boo, but nonetheless, these boys are pumped.

We've got a busy week ahead with things planned, and of course, I've GOT to figure out the packing with us traveling to a place that's not a family member's home with these boys. Thankfully we are on Southwest so I can check a big bag of just Jax's supplies and equipment. We won't be packing super light unfortunately!

We've got the soup kitchen and 2 baseball games over the next couple days, a trip back up home for a family picnic on Sunday and then I'll be in planning/packing mania I'm sure!

They have their 7 yr old physicals the day before we leave, so it will be another good touch-base-convo with the doctor for Jax before leaving. I had a talk with his asthma specialist already who had given me some important tips for him (use a stroller at Disney with a fan, cooling towels, AC breaks and use the albuterol neb morning/night along with an inhaler packed along each day), as well as his GI doc (who really wants a lot of hydration). Jax has a difficult time with walking past 4 hours non-stop with his low muscle tone and usually makes Jay carry him, so we're prepared for the long day in the heat - I already ordered a large stroller for him to be delivered to our hotel for that one day. I just need to find a clip-on fan now...

Summer fun!

Sign at the gym for their party

Cake at the gym for their pirate party!

As kids came in, they started making pirate hats and getting their faces painted!

Treasure chest of loot each kid took home

Pin the patch on the pirate while kids were still coming

Upstairs the games had begun!

They all went crazy!

Relay races (walk the plank!)

Having fun racing!

Cake time!

Little pirate blowing out the candles

The pirate crew

Sunday lunch with Grandma

This KID!

The guys giving the girls a ride

Birthday boys!

This KID

This one TOO - Kelsey

Nana Jayne and Mama

Hee hee hee

Jax taking Drew for ride

One more cake!

These KIDS are getting old on me!

Morning of their birthday on Tuesday

Miss Lyndsey their sitter took them to the Minions matinee 

That night a huge storm took down half of our front tree!

Hibachi birthday dinner!

We have a mess to take care of tonight!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Lake Fun

Let me start this with the fact that Ive been trying to update this bad boy for the past couple of days, but since we're in the middle of converting all our photos from our old iMac that we got 8 years ago to the new MacBook Air... it's a slow... slow... frustrating process. Because nothing syncs when apps are super out of date, and no one wants to lose 8 yrs of PHOTOS. ugh.
So I'm sorry to report that I don't have photos on this post YET, but I will go back and add them as soon as our computer-debacle is settled.
ETA: I've updated the photos!
Which is a bummer, because we were up at the Garber cottage last week and the photos are super cute. Sorry!

So yes, we we had a quick turnaround from being up on Washington Island, to a few days home to get laundry done, to pack again to head up to Loon Lake! The weekend was so wonderful and I wish it could be like that every weekend. The weather promised to be amazing, but wasn't super great the first day. Saturday was amazingly beautiful though and we took advantage of every moment to be outside.

We did a lot of water/boat/tube/ski fun for sure. This little lady water skied for the first time. It was NOT pretty, but I did it! I flipped off the tubes twice much harder than last year and definitely had to let the boys out for fun while I rested up on the boat.

The kids had a blast. And I must say, it's interesting to see how much they grow and mature each year. This year they all were rather quiet and playing nicely while they let the parents sleep IN. We all got up at 9:00 AM.... what?! My boys had woken me up a few times with questions/needs, but really, the kids were so content each morning. It's such a nice way to start the day.

I truly wish we were a bit closer and that summer was a bit longer to have more weekends like that...

We are back at a small rat race being back at home. The boy's baseball started back up from the holiday break, and they also have their birthday celebrations this weekend. They have their pirate party at our gym on Saturday after a morning baseball game. I feel bad for Brady since ONE of the six kids he invited from school can come and FIVE are coming for Jax. Thankfully, our neighbors are coming too, so hopefully it won't seem too obvious. We're trying to give them their 'school-friend' party that they've been asking for. They're really growing up on us...

On Sunday we have grandparents and a few close friends for lunch and cake. I know our babysitter is taking the boys to the new Minion Movie on their actual birthday Tuesday while we're at work. I'm sure Jay and I will take them to dinner that night too - what a BUNCH of little celebrations they get!
We're also revealing the big Orlando-trip to them on Sunday, so we'll have to film that reaction!

The kids each morning being FANTASTIC!

Smiley bunch

The dog was loved on very much!


Jay and Brady taking a ride

Mama antics

Bye kids!

Sid is a PRO!

Me... not so much

But I kind of did it, LOL

Cruisin' around

Mamas too!

July cake time!

Happy 4th of JULY!

My guys...

A toad to play with on our way out on Sunday!