Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer dwindling down!

It's been TOO long!

We are at the end of summer, boo! I'm ready to have the boys start up their school-routine, but I'm not ready for the beginning of 7 months of COLD! We have one week left to try and soak it up.

The boys had their "forms and fees" with school photos this past week, so they are all set for 1st grade! They have open house this week where they'll drop off their supplies and pick their desks. The boys were excited to see which friends of theirs were going to be in their new class. I'm happy to find out that Brady's teacher is going to be the assistant teacher that he had in kindergarten - so they know each other! I like that she was able to see where Brady was, so his speech isn't shocking, but instead, IMPRESSIVE knowing where he came from :)

One of the neat things we've started to notice since the boys have turned 7, is the maturity in their thoughts and how FUNNY the worlds of young child and maturing child are when they collide - ohhh the things THEY say!

The first of both front top teeth in a week!

Don't we all wish we could just LAY on top of others whenever we wanted?

State Fair!

Bernie Brewer!

Birthday gift cards finally used for Hank and Lucroy!

This kills me... they are turning into ALL arms and legs!

Training wheels off! Still working at being able to ride it tho :) Jax will be quite awhile yet, so I feel like Brady is taking his sweet time...

Finishing up school supply shopping!

AWE! Bring on the crazy puzzle piece teeth... wait, let me enjoy this cute smile for awhile

We put my old Mac down in the basement for the boys to use. It's so so slow, but they think it's cool!

I had my birthday last week, but was SO sick that week! We had a cake just before I went to bed!

After 10 days of illness, I was well enough to escape for a weekend with my girlfriends and  have some FUN!

It just so happens we all have Chevy Traverse vehicles, how funny!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We are back! The trip went well and everyone is home safe and sound. I've started up a nasty sore throat Wednesday night, but it seems that that happens after flying when I'm tired since my ear-tube came out... I think I'll be getting that back in this fall, I'm miserable!

I'm so happy the boys did well. They stayed up late each night, but I was insistent on them getting a minimum of 9-10 hrs each night so Jax's body wouldn't break down.  I was able to time out days where if they were up really late one night, I could skip morning things and let them sleep in, or make sure they hit the hay a little sooner the next night. They did well, although Jay and I barely slept with listening to them sleep next to us - go figure!

The conference was really nice and really kid-friendly. We had opening ceremonies at Epcot with dinner after Jay had his first-time qualifier reception. We met so many people and saw many great speakers and Jay had some fabulous meetings. We were able to go to Sea World one afternoon since Jay is a member of the political committee. Sadly it stormed after an hour so we didn't see much. Storms canceled a lot of our plans for 3 days, but thankfully we only had the typical rain for a bit on our last park days.

The farewell party for the conference was absolutely amazing. Three different ballrooms with themes of Dr. Seuss, Frozen and Alice in Wonderland. The parties were unbelievable and quite indescribable. There were so many activities, dj's, bars, balloon artists, characterists, photo booths, video booths, ice skaters and food and drinks. Just totally unreal! Our boys danced the night away!

We slept in and got a rental car for the remainder of the trip which was the boy's birthday present of a night at the new Lego Hotel and then a day at Legoland, then back to Orlando for a night with a day in Magic Kingdom. It went very well, and the boys haven't stopped talking about it. Legoland is every 7 year old boy's dream. The room was set up more family-friendly then where we were for the conference, so it was a bit easier to maneuver our things and Jax's supplies easier. Less luxurious for sure, but just easier with kids.

The boys had bunk beds and their own TV which they thought was just so cool. Jay and I actually slept since we didn't hear them all night. Unfortunately, Jax's tube came off this night, and he fed the entire bed and himself full of his formula. I was more upset at the thought of him not having all that fluid before a long hot park day, ugh!

We got out to the park at opening and made our way through the entire park. Jax couldn't walk well after only about 40 mins with the heat tiring his legs, so we got the boys a double stroller and he did much better. He also got a "Hero Pass" for the park which allowed him to not wait in the lines in the heat - this was a life saver! The boys loved the park so much that they were asking to go back before we even got out of the parking lot!

We were all so tired by the time got to our hotel in Orlando, and we knew we had to be up and ready for another full park day in Magic Kingdom, that by the time we got in the room, we waved our white flag. We put the boys in the tub and ordered room service for dinner to have a picnic on our beds and get some sleep!

I had a stroller ordered in advance knowing this park was much bigger and it was waiting for us at the Bell Service in the morning. It was wonderful! I attached a fan to it for Jax and the shades went very far down. We hopped on the Disney bus and off we went! We got to park opening and we began the day. I stopped into Guest Relations to see if Jax could get a DAS pass, and yup, he qualified immediately. They took his photo and set us all up. Our first stop was Mickey and our day went pretty seamless from there.
We had lunch and dinner reservations, which we got into early for both, but otherwise we never stopped! The boys never asked for anything and we had a few snacks and tons of water in the stroller. We really did see so much in the one day we had. We ended with the electric parade, castle show and fireworks - which were unbelievable. Jax started to have a little asthma after dinner, so we took it easy and I gave him breathing treatments. We had a ride pass to use after fireworks, but we could tell Jax's lungs were done and he was very tired, so we got out of there. We grabbed Mickey dolls on the way out so the boys had something to remember the day by.

Our flight was delayed coming home, but nothing too bad. Thankfully we came home on a Saturday evening so we could catch up with the house, yard, laundry, groceries and some work on Sunday. Any little dent before Monday helps since work is always insane after being gone so long.

Whew - what a trip!
We definitely had our chaotic moments, but overall, it was really great. The boys are finally to an age where they can handle this. I certainly wish Jax was in a little better place medically, since that added some stress, anxiety and certainly a lot more luggage, but it was nice to see that we could make it WORK! Our family needed a little magic this year and I know the boys will remember this FOREVER!

Downtown Disney one evening on our own - it's just a dining/shopping district and not a park

I had them sleep in and eat in our room one morning instead of joining the conference - such a mama bear

Dancing in the middle of the street of Downtown Disney

Waiting for our car service in the RAIN

Brady has a crush on Belena - Jay's compliance officer from Mass Mutual WI, LOL

Morning fun while Jay was in meetings

Jax was challenging people as they walked by to play with him!

I asked them to get together for a photo and so they did this...

Kid's party night while agencies went out to dinner. The buffet was lowered for the kids, so cute!

A table of kids from Mass Mutual WI - then they all go to their parties based on age with their tags/pbotos.  It was quite the intricate process - very impressive!

Sea World

Storms and butt cracks - we were out of there

Out of order photos - kids when we picked them up from the party

No face paint for Jax, but he did find a mask from the older superhero party some how.

Jax with a full mouth of snacks on the bus

The one Sea World ride we actually got on

Suess party!

Frozen Party!

Alice in Wonderland Party!

The boys lead the dance party!

The boys doing what they do! The dj called Brady "Randy" since he couldn't understand him. 

Lego Hotel!

Their favorite part - the DISCO elevator!

Treasure chest in room to solve a puzzle to open


Little bit of swimming

After-dinner walk 

PJ story time

We had a glass wine while they did story time

Drivers License!

Water ride!

Ran into friends right here!

Waiting for our dinner reservations

We got a table in the forbidden West Wing! This photo changed whenever it "thundered"

Beauty and the Beast rose

Can you tell where these kids were when in the airport home?