Thursday, January 28, 2016

Back to the norm

I was waiting to update until after Jax saw his surgeon on Tuesday so I could give an update. The appointment turned into an in-office procedure and we were there half the day. Jax got numbed up and the doc cut into his incision to look for the stitch that apparently doesn't want to dissolve. He couldn't find the stitch, but to cover all his bases, he uses silver nitrate to cauterize the area. It's healing up well so far and hoping this is the end of it! Jax is such a trooper.

Jax was off of school for 10 days though because the cold he had did turn into walking pneumonia like Brady's, so he had to take an extra day off for the medication to work and then it was a 4-day-weekend off of school.... neat! So, everyone is back at it. I also was given meds from my doctor, so we are all finally back on track.

The boys are in full swing of basketball, and I was able to capture a short video of how the kids and coaches are introduced for each game, it's FANTASTIC! Jax was recovering really well by the time he had his game on Saturday, but the tail end of a cold and an early morning sport equals a little disaster for Jax. He puked up mucus on himself during warm ups and then had an asthma attack during the game prompting me to jump in and have to rush him to his backpack for his inhaler (which he had a full nebulized treatment an hour before all this). Nothing like an entire gym of people nervously watching this little boy take breathing meds to see if he'd be ok... ugh. He'll be better this weekend I'm sure, but I can't wait until the games start to get later each year (the younger kids go first thing in the morning).

Boys at Monster truck with Jay

The entrance before each game, it's awesome!

Finally exchanging Christmas gifts with the Bonins!

Super productive grocery trip with these two monkeys in tow!

Don't let the smile fool you. This kid is nervous after dumping blue berries at the checkout. We're waiting for a broom right here...

Waiting for the numbing cream to work.

The incision site after the doc fixed it up.

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