Sunday, January 10, 2016

Basketball has begun

We've had a quick week of busyness. The boys started Upward Basketball with practice on Tuesday nights and games on Saturday morning. Jay is the coach and considered a "Spiritual Farmer"...
The league is Christian based at a large non-denominational church in our area, so it consists a lot about character and team building instead of just learning how to play. So far, it's much more organized than what we did last year at the Y, and I think it will go well.

The boys have been loving all the NFL playoff games this week and talk about it nonstop! This upcoming week is even busier with some fun upcoming events. The kids have their 1/2 birthday celebration at school on Thursday (how cute/funny is that?), then a birthday party of a classmate on Friday night and then some more playoff craze in our house over the weekend.

Jay and I will be meeting with Jax's school team Thursday night to discuss his progress so far. Most notably to discuss his challenges with focus, fine motor and keeping his motivation going since he gets so discouraged and upset with homework (basically anything that requires a pencil, marker or crayon causes a breakdown). So, I'm hoping for a good meeting and some adjustments or at least suggestions.

First practice

Jax hanging with some new teammates... who tower him, lol

Jay giving some bible readings and encouraging words.

Fabulous :)

The ever-changing incision

Keeping it clean with antibiotic ointment on it and some Frankincense oil around it. Seems to be in a healing stage now.

Brady doing what he does...

Jay doing what he does...

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