Sunday, January 3, 2016

Holiday tour complete! GOOD BYE 2015

Our holiday tour is finally complete. December was pretty crazy with all the travel and things going on. My brother Adam came in town from Portland, OR and we had 2 days of travel. It all worked out well, although my poor brother got caught at the airport for 2 days trying to get home when a snow storm decided to come!

The week after Christmas was really nice to have to get caught up at home. Jason was in and out and we still found ourselves to be busy! We took down the Christmas decor today after church and think we're ready for the typical chaos to start back up tomorrow. The boys start basketball on Tuesday, so they are really excited about that. We're hoping to meet with Jax's team at school to discuss his current progress and how to help more at home since he's really struggling to sit down with homework (most notably having to write). His teacher emailed me back saying they would get the team together and let me know some times they could meet, so I'm interested to see how that goes. Otherwise, I'm hoping for a very uneventful couple of weeks to get things calmed down here for awhile. I'm happy to see 2015 gone and hoping for a much less dramatic 2016. I know life will always have ups and downs, but there were too many extremes for me in a one-year time frame. We had some great positives of course, which we're so grateful for. I'm sending up some major requests of simplicity to the Heavens...

 No news is good news in this house.

Lots of video football with Uncle Adam

And they always get a bedtime book in too.

This is how the guys play basketball in the kitchen...

Cards and wine Christmas Eve when kids went to bed.

Santa came!

Father Dick read The Christmas Story and then sang a few songs.

Hoffman cousins at Nana and Papa's house Christmas night
My side of the family the day after Christmas

Miss Marley with the twinkies

After Christmas tour chill time

Brady helping with chili. I'm hoping this kid is cooking us full meals in the next couple years!

Holiday break play date with Jackson, while Jay spent time at work.

The kids loved all the new snow!

Running around our backyard!

New Years Eve afternoon Star Wars movie!

I love finding the boys playing Wheel of Fortune and working on spelling!

Brady's reaction when he found out he can use his kid Go-Pro to be a "You Tuber". (sigh) He said it's his DREAM.

One of the last days of holiday break, we watched cousin Kyle play downtown. He plays for Concordia in Chicago and they were in town this afternoon.

Jax's tube area feels better with the longer sized tube. But I have to keep treating the area since granulation tissue keeps growing. Now his original tube site closure has this weird large bump protruding out. I'm hoping it's just a dissolvable stitch working its way out...

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