Sunday, February 21, 2016

Back to Brookfield

We are back and all back to the daily grind. The boys had a fabulous week at home with Miss Gina while Jay and I were in San Diego for the Mass Mutual Agency trip. I had anxiety leaving them, but with each passing day and our face time moments, it was clear they were totally fine. Miss Gina is pretty AMAZING as well. Thankfully she's available to care for the boys when we're gone in May for another Mass Mutual trip all the way in Maui. The boys would kill us if they weren't with us for the third trip in June, so I'm SO glad they will be!! I'm pretty sure we'll hibernate until 2017 after that one...

We had a great weekend of basketball, church and a birthday party - also what felt like 15 loads of laundry - and now back to a typical week ahead, with hopefully nothing exciting to report :)

Lots going on in this photo... but I just thought it was interesting how much the  boys can look alike in photos at times lately.

Dinner cruise in San Diego

The boys and a some of their teammates. And yes, even as the oldest, we still make up the tiniest!

My husband "relaxing" on the beach... It's safe to say he still worked 50% of the time there, gotta love him!

Up in the USS Midway

At a birthday party on Sunday - I'm not sure what they're talking about, but I thought it was cute.

And Brady and Jason are practically twins with different hair.

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