Thursday, February 4, 2016

It's official...

I've been suspecting this for the past couple weeks... Jax officially weighs more than Brady! About a pound and a half more, huh!

Jax has been gaining weight really nice lately. His tummy is round and he has meat on his back and on his legs. His low muscle tone isn't as obvious in his legs. His arms are from his mama, so they are still twigs, but I've loosened up his inner-pant-belts which is kinda cool :)
Since Jax is 2" shorter than Brady, he's still about one size smaller in clothes, but he's right behind in shoes suddenly! Jax's feet grew 2 sizes on us after being stalled out for SO long. Brady was 3 sizes larger than him and now he's only 1 size larger, it's crazy!
I wish I could say this is because he is suddenly eating more. He's drinking a lot of his protein drink during the day and he also has a large tube feed at bedtime. He's keeping it down, with having less illness this year, so it's so great to see him growing like this. His BMI is decent since he's short. The endocrinologist told me that once Jax is able to have a great run, his hGH will work better in his body and make his stronger and bigger, thus equalling better health, so I think we're just starting to see this really work.

Now, of course... Brady's weight is a little bit of a bummer since he's not gaining much at all with having Jax catch and pass him like this. He weighs just over 42 lbs, so that means he's only gained about a pound since his birthday last July (Jax gained 5 lbs). So, we're going to start having Brady drink a protein drink at breakfast or before bed. He eats like a baby horse, so clearly it's just a high metabolism. This kid likes his snacks and treats, and we have high calorie real food, real butter etc... so it's just his genetics I assume.


Jax is a maniac on the court.

My monkeys!

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