Thursday, February 11, 2016

Keepin' On

Things are going well in Casa de Lettenberger (rolls right off the tongue doesn't it?). The boys are doing well in school, basketball and with health. Jax's incision is being a bit odd again with a bubble coming back up - GRRRRR! I emailed a pic to the surgical nurse and she called to discuss it. So far, it's fine to leave it be and hopefully it will work itself out, but oh my goodness, heal already!

Jax had his first little mishap at school with some less than to be desired behavior toward a student. I got the story from the teacher in an email that Jax was overheard on the playground threatening to kick a student if he didn't punch another kid. And Jax was kind of 'pushy' in the lunch line lately.

HUH! Neat!

Needless to say, when I brought it up to Jax, he started to sob and I couldn't really get a full story out of him. Brady started telling me that story and I said, "Wait, you saw all this and didn't tell me?". I can't wait to see what these two will be like as teens covering for each other.

Anyway, I couldn't understand why Jax kept bringing up the name of a boy who wasn't even involved in this incident and then I also realized all the kids involved were in Brady's class. Well, after some long talks (read: lectures) about being a bully and how to be a good person, I finally figured out WHY Jax did this. I was worried he was displaying pre-serial killer traits since there was no reason, but now it sounds more like a gang-relation trait, so that's nice. ((I hope you laughed there instead of giving me the side eye.))

It turns out that this kid who we'll call Bob, is friends with Brady and often tells Jax that he's going to come to his house and play with Brady and not him. This kiddo Bob likes to make Jax nuts and act as if he only like Brady. Well, Bob punched this other poor kiddo, who we'll call Joe, the day before. So Jax, trying to get in good with Bob, threatened this other kid to punch Joe too, the next day. Real nice Jax - get someone to do your dirty work to fit in. LOVELY.

So, after a lot of tears and a few emails with the teacher, I found out Jax wrote an apology to 'Joe' at school, and had all electronics taken away for the week at home. The teacher didn't seem to feel like Jax deserved a punishment at home since he wrote the apology at school... hmmm, well the letter wasn't a punishment in our opinion, that was an expectation of being a good person. We feel re-enforcing at home can only help school behavior. The teacher mentioned that Jax was very upset when she told him she was going to tell me and that he didn't want me disappointed. He obviously knows there will be consequences at home and hopefully that helps him think twice in the future.

Jason came home from a work trip late that night, and when he came down in the morning, Jax started to sob immediately. Jason was very calm with him and said he was disappointed but he didn't need a 3rd lecture from him. Unfortunately, Jason was going to give Jax a reward for a perfect score on his math test that day, but Jay wanted Jax to earn that reward back by having a stellar week at school, which so far, has happened. We don't reward for good behavior, since that's expected, but he earned a reward prior that we just didn't feel right giving at that moment, so it has been moved back a week - Jax understood.
I will say, it's been a full week after tonight and Jax hasn't asked for an electronic once. This kid takes his punishment and seems to feel awful, so at least there's that. ((siiiigh... good times))

Otherwise, we've been making Valentines, and I'm getting ready to host the 1st grade Valentine party tomorrow. Jason had been gone to Boston all week for some pretty hefty training for some special license. We leave first thing Sunday morning for an incentive trip to San Diego through his company. I can't wait to have a couple days in the sun to decompress. So, in the meantime, you can imagine, the chaos of organizing and planning I've been doing this week to get the house and everything ready for the sitter to be here :) I always send myself to the edge of crazy in preparation.


Loving the new board games from Aunt Rachel - late Christmas presents are fun!

I looked over into the 'kid area' of my neighbor's basement during the Super Bowl. Ugh.


Using the 'big boy' spacer for his inhaler now!

This crazy incision is going to give me grey hair.

My monkeys waiting for the bus!

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Anonymous said...

My girls are identical twins as well, and I'm always amazed at the kids who try to pit them against each other by only playing with one and deliberately leaving the other out. Where do they learn this behavior?