Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In stitches. Again.

Boys will be boys is our theme this week with Jax getting his third round of stitches on his face. Why always his face? 

The school called me Monday saying he had hit his forehead on a shelf and they wanted me to come in since they thought he probably needed stitches. Sure enough, he got a tiny cut, but it was deep, so we went in to get stitched up. Jax was cool as a cucumber and never even cried hitting his head I guess. But I think I worked up his anxiety when we were in the waiting room by talking about how he'll probably get a quick shot before the stitches. By the time they brought him in the procedure room, we had 5 of us holding him down to get numbed up - he was not happy! But he was completely fine during the actual stitching. All is good now and I need to get him back in by the weekend to get the stitches out. I'm praying it doesn't leave too much of a mark since it's right in the middle of his face. ((sigh))

We attended a big basketball party for the end of the Upward Basketball league, some more swimming and also some baseball camp, so it was a busy weekend. The boys also got to experience Palm Sunday at church and they have a bit better grasp this year of what Easter is really about.

Jay and I were able to meet up with the other basketball coaches and their wives Saturday night for a bit, and they had some funny stories. They're also the parents to boys in our boy's school and had retold the story of a kindergarten field trip where this dad was chaperoning and a bit nervous to keep track of his four assigned boys. He warned them to NOT MOVE as he grabbed some paperwork and when he turned around, he saw Jax at the water fountain. He rushed over to him and grabbed his arm very angry telling him he told him to NOT MOVE. Well... it was Brady from the other class who just looked at him with an "f-you" face when the teacher rushed over to explain he was a twin from another class... we were laughing pretty hard. He said he felt so bad and I said the only thing about that story that bugs me is the thought of my short kindergartner using the water fountain unattended and probably binging home the flu :)

Apparently the boys both had red shirts on that day. Oops.

So, we're finishing up this short week of school and not looking forward to the crud weather that looks like it will be around for awhile. The boys start spring break Friday, and we'll run up north for the day Sunday for Easter, but otherwise I've been trying to plan a week of something fun for them. I've got extra swim lessons set up and a museum day planned. I was hoping to work in the yard and let them run around a bit, but we'll see how the weather holds up.



Jax was the #1 Brat on St Paddy's day

Upward party

Looking pleased as we wait at the doctor's office.

Was not pleased getting the numbing shot...

Monday, March 7, 2016

End of the season

The boys are almost finished with basketball for the season. Jason signed them up for a mini baseball camp for Sunday afternoons to help with fielding before the spring season starts. They also start swim lessons for Saturday afternoons, which are only a half hour, but hopefully it gets them a bit ready for summer. I'm trying to start thinking about activities for them this summer, since it will be ME with them! It's been 2 years since its been just me for the summer. God grant me patience :)

We had a fun weekend just go by. Jason had his annual Mass Mutual of WI award banquet and won some pretty amazing awards. He was the Agent of the year and also part of the 'Freshman Five'. The Freshman Five consist of the top 5 first year agents nationally. There's around 2000 new agents each year, so it's no small feat and not only based on numbers. There are many recommendations and character references at play. Our family will be recognized at the national Leaders Conference in June during the cruise, which the boys are super excited for. We're all so proud of this guy! But of course, he already has tons of pressure on himself to keep it all going! oy!

Jay took  the boys to the Bucks game after church on Sunday. They loved it! They rarely have afternoon games, so they jumped on it! It was also their last game of the season too, so it was quite the treat!

I finally bit the bullet today, and called about getting Jax some 'medical diapers'. I had been special ordering him size 7 from Pampers, but he's grown out of them and Pull-Ups don't hold enough since they're trainers. With all the fluid Jax has pumped into him each night, he needs an actual diaper. I hate this for him, but it is what it is. I had to hold back tears during the phone call with the doctor about it and I don't even know WHY! Strange...


Awards Banquet

Bucks game

Jax wore this Spiderman glove to Sunday school. Because that's normal!