Monday, March 7, 2016

End of the season

The boys are almost finished with basketball for the season. Jason signed them up for a mini baseball camp for Sunday afternoons to help with fielding before the spring season starts. They also start swim lessons for Saturday afternoons, which are only a half hour, but hopefully it gets them a bit ready for summer. I'm trying to start thinking about activities for them this summer, since it will be ME with them! It's been 2 years since its been just me for the summer. God grant me patience :)

We had a fun weekend just go by. Jason had his annual Mass Mutual of WI award banquet and won some pretty amazing awards. He was the Agent of the year and also part of the 'Freshman Five'. The Freshman Five consist of the top 5 first year agents nationally. There's around 2000 new agents each year, so it's no small feat and not only based on numbers. There are many recommendations and character references at play. Our family will be recognized at the national Leaders Conference in June during the cruise, which the boys are super excited for. We're all so proud of this guy! But of course, he already has tons of pressure on himself to keep it all going! oy!

Jay took  the boys to the Bucks game after church on Sunday. They loved it! They rarely have afternoon games, so they jumped on it! It was also their last game of the season too, so it was quite the treat!

I finally bit the bullet today, and called about getting Jax some 'medical diapers'. I had been special ordering him size 7 from Pampers, but he's grown out of them and Pull-Ups don't hold enough since they're trainers. With all the fluid Jax has pumped into him each night, he needs an actual diaper. I hate this for him, but it is what it is. I had to hold back tears during the phone call with the doctor about it and I don't even know WHY! Strange...


Awards Banquet

Bucks game

Jax wore this Spiderman glove to Sunday school. Because that's normal!

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