Monday, April 4, 2016

Break is over!

Spring break is over and the boys are back to school already. I was shocked how quick the 10 days went by. I kept the boys super busy, even with the less than to be desired weather. We had such a mild winter that these constant grey rainy/snowy spring days are just never ending and depressing!
Nevertheless, the boys had 3 swimming lessons, a matinee movie, the museum, bowling, a birthday party, baseball camp and a bunch of small journeys. Oh, and Easter was in there too :)

We've got a busy couple weeks with end-of-year school meetings for the boys. Tomorrow I have Brady's IEP meeting for 2nd grade. The boys have a 'celebration of learning' presentation to show us Thursday night. They have a pizza and movie night at church on Friday (date night finally for Jay and I!) and then Jax has his IEP meeting for 2nd grade next week. I also have Jax's GI/Feeding bi-annual followup that week, which should be interesting since Jax is gaining weight so nicely.

One cute new occurrence in the house is that Brady no longer requires pull-ups at night. He's been in undies for over a month and he's pretty proud. He's been ready for awhile, but with us out of town for San Diego, I wanted to just wait until I was home. And just like that, he's done with the whole thing. His doc told me she had a feeling this would be the year for him since it's typical for boys around 8 to have the final dry streaks. It's a hormone I guess? huh.. no clue.
It's interesting to see that Jax is dry as well if his pump gets disconnected at night and he doesn't get fed. It happens about once a month. It's sad since he's SO proud on those days and I have to explain to him that he's only 'not' dry because he's fed 18oz of fluid while he's sleeping. I told him that it won't be like this forever...

Jax had a feeding therapy session at the clinic since school was out. This was great since Jax was able to have a session to work on spitting. Since starting swim lessons, Jax has shown that not only does food make him panic and puke, well, pool water also makes him choke so he swallows it since he can't physically spit! We must get this kid spitting!!
The therapist said that we've been pushing Jax to 'chew and swallow' repeatedly for YEARS and now suddenly we're asking him to hold something and push it out - it's totally foreign to his motor skills. Jax has spent a lot of time lately with his face in water blowing bubbles, using straws to blow bubbles and practicing a lot of 'trying' to spit. He has a long way to go, but we're focused on this motor skill over the summer. The therapist can't work on it at school with Jax in the lunch room in front of his friends, so we'll be doing it at the clinic this summer. I think it will really help him in a few areas. Even just having congestion in the morning, he will puke after sniffing, whereas most people understand to blow their nose or spit if necessary. Or when he panics with food in his mouth, he will puke it out rather than simply spitting the food out. So, this should really help things.

Stitches are out and healing up - smallest one so far :) It already looks much better from this photo.

The results of the Badgers losing last week. Jax was devastated.

The boys playing pool with Aidan when home for Easter.
We love a good selfie

Letter from the Bunny

Brady found his basket in the laundry hamper, ha!

They had fun searching around

During the drive, I turned around and saw this. This is Jax eating some peanuts completely on his own without being asked to - this NEVER happens!

Egg hunt at Nanas

It cracks us up how different these kids can be. Brady organized all his candy by color while Jax had a pile of everything. 

They planted garden starters.
A quick family photo that day

Getting better each week in the water (but a long way to go yet!)

My handsome grocery helpers! They love Trader Joes!

A representation of how much Jax eats. Brady's plate is on the left and Jax on the right. I took this photo for the feeding team next week and thought I'd share here as a documentation. I cut Jax's sandwich and grapes like this for easier chewing, the less work equals more volume and he still lacks the ability to handle large pieces in his mouth.

With feeding meds, he took about 3-4 bites of sandwich, 1/4 stick of cheese and 3 grapes (6 pieces cut in half) before drinking his protein shake. He also ate a smear of cookie butter which I thought would get him to eat the crackers, but he didn't want the crackers, so the butter was eaten with his finger. He's doing OK, but we still need to keep working on it so he doesn't have to get most of his nutrition/calories from his drink. (Brady's plate is just funny. No clue what he did to his sandwich on this day, usually he just eats it like a normal person!)

Bowling fun!

Dino fun at the museum!

Jax loves a cute FOX!
Birthday party fun for the Bonin twins!

Birthday kids!

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