Thursday, April 28, 2016

Less 'roids!

We've been enjoying the wonderful warm and sunny weekends, and now we're back to Wisconsin weather this week, so BOO on that.

I've been trying to get the boy's summer schedule set, and so far we're pretty set until mid July. I'm trying to decide if I find something to 'schedule' or just have us do random summer-things for those last 6 weeks. I've had this very real realization lately that their childhood is fleeting and I'm trying to soak it up before I blink. I find myself stopping and asking for a smooch, a hug, a snuggle, ANYTHING since I know they'll still do it.

The boys had off school on Monday, so we had fun around town. We started with Jax's asthma specialist (so fun, right?!) which we hadn't seen in 10 months (doc kept refilling the meds like a nice guy). The appointment was great. We've decided to cut Jax's daily preventative inhaler in half in hopes his lungs can keep up and he'll get even less 'roids. We cut them in half last year and it's really helping him grow to not have them. We hope it makes him less spacey/hyper as well, so it can help if we can keep coming down in this daily med. We have a protocol in place for hot days and our fingers crossed it can remain on the upswing! Love it! (and I promised and already scheduled an appointment for October to review the dosage before the next cold/flu season)

Oddly, while we were there, we saw my OB-GYN doctor and nurse and found out it was her last day. O..M...G... this team has seem me through it all over the past 10 years! The doc hasn't seen the boys since they were babies so she was so happy to see them and take a photo. They are her only set of living mono/mono twins... isn't that CRAZY?? So anyway, we all cried and they filled the boys with candy. Now I have no idea who I will see going forward or who my new drug dealer will be, (ha, you have to laugh) but I guess I'll find out next year. (tear)

The boys are loving baseball practice and they start games in two weeks I believe. They're also still in swimming once a week and doing well, but they still have a long way to go. There's a gym with indoor and outdoor pools opening this summer right by our house, so I'm hoping to get them even more frequent lessons when that opens. They need this so bad!

Our piggies got some new digs. They live like QUEENS

Jason giving Brady some batting tips

Jax will find anything to do rather than eat in the morning!

My doctor is retiring, WAH!

A little pie face fun

The boys typically try to get in quick baseball games with the neighbors after school now that it's warming up

I love that a simple bug can still make them stop and play with it!

Since receiving umbrellas, they must use them with any small sprinkle.

They think that wrestling ferrets are HILARIOUS. Jax had tears from laughing so hard.

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