Monday, May 23, 2016

Back to reality!

We're BACK!

We had a wonderful trip and it was worth the chaos that ensured the days leading up to take off. I felt better within a day of getting to the island, but Jay and I made the mistake of not wearing enough sunblock on a cloudy day of moped along the west coast of the island. We were SO sunburnt on our backs that it was embarrassing to start the conference like that, OOPS! Oh well, we had an amazing time, and I did pretty good with being away from the boys since I had such great daily updates and face time with the boys. I had that "yearning" for them on day 5, but I did ok.
The boys themselves had a GREAT time while were gone too. They really missed us but didn't miss a beat while we were gone. It's good for all of us to have these breaks, but the boys were sure to make sure they're along for the next trip ;)

The boys had some baseball, photos and swimming while we were gone, along with their regular school schedule and everything went smooth and fabulous. The only hiccup I heard for Miss Gina was that Jax's pump extension came apart from the tubing the first night and she said that Brady jumped out of bed and started to offer help and guidance on how to clean Jax up with getting him new pj pants and wipes to clean up the floor. Miss Gina got tears in her eyes describing the scene and said how amazing of a kid Brady is. Omg, he really is. He's been asking for directions to run Jax's pump lately, so we let him prime it while we get them ready for bed. He's such a care taker.
Otherwise, the week went great and I'm so thankful for that!!

This is the last full week of school for the boys since next week is Memorial Day and the following week they end on a Wednesday, so these little dudes are almost done! I'm quickly preparing for that circus ;)

This was the scene of the boy's first game the night before we left - it was HORRIBLE outside!

Opening ceremonies with the other agent from Wisconsin that qualified. Love the Brinkmanns!


Pictures don't do this party justice

I didn't get photos of the fire breathers since I was so mesmerized by the show!

Oh these little girls!

Polo match!

Our Bed and Breakfast place the weekend before the conference began. We wanted non-resort for this portion and it was perfect.

The boys picked us up at the airport and carried our bags, ha, the reason to have kids!
I love ornaments as souvenirs.
I thought these two looks like two peas in a pod right here after church 
Miss Gina sent me constant updates of the boys and here they were before their game when we were gone. They both scored and did well!
It's amazing how long a child can play with a simple ball!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring sickie

We've hit a spring cold, ugh and YUCK.
We let the boys play outside past their bedtime the past two weekends and I've noticed it really dipped Jax's immune system. He had a tiny cold last week, and then it blew up this week, so I had to bring him in to get a lung check on Monday to be sure it was a new cold and not him unable to keep up with his first one (the difference between a typical child and child with lung disease I tell ya!). He sounded great and no fever, so we assume it's a new one. Well, he decided to cough directly into my face (and in my MOUTH) and sure enough.... here I am with the same nasty cold and about to leave on a trip... first world problems, I know, but it stinks.

We're pretty set to jet off to Maui and the boys are really excited for their babysitters with their whole list of activities. Jax just gets extra breathing treatments while at school and home and he's kicking it pretty well. I, as usual, am miserable and am trying to figure out how I'm going to handle the all-day flight on Saturday and not feel worse while sitting in paradise. But, I'll figure it out ;)
Jay and I are attending the Blue Chip Conference through Mass Mutual. It will be lovely to go back to the island - we were there for our honeymoon almost 9 years ago.

Anyway, since the last update, Jay has turned 35, finally, and the boys are getting pumped up for summer coming around the corner. They want to call themselves 2nd graders so bad! They've gotten pretty funny lately with their personalities maturing and their vocabulary expanding. They say the funniest things lately! Our nights lately have become a small spelling bee. The boys each have a list of 6 words each week (of course different testing days) so each night and morning we're always reviewing words. It's pretty cute how serious they take it. All perfect scores so far and I fear the day one of them don't since it will probably entail some ribbing!
Otherwise, the boys are supposed to have their first baseball game tomorrow night, which is looking like rain, so we'll see, but they're pretty anxious to start that season up!

I'll check in when we're back, aloha!

I guess Leroy Butler came to the boy's school for the 4th graders and on his way out saw Jax in the hall with his speech therapist. They took a pic together - random and cool!

Last weekend's weather was beautiful!


More nice weather

I came downstairs to this wonderful pile of awesome. Starbucks, donuts, flowers, gifts, smiling faces - fantastic!

Papa teaching the boys how to do a Wisconsin handshake (milking utters!)
Mothers Day brunch
More outside

My dudes...