Sunday, June 19, 2016

A photo review!

Gack! I'm so far behind so I thought I'd update with some photos!

Some cousin-fun at a family birthday party

My niece Marley, grandma and cousins!
These two!
Brady helping me put baby Gracen to bed!

Flower shopping!

When you get new things, the kids all still love the boxes more
Their box house!

This kid doesn't take off his goggles when out of the water!

Last day of school for these goons! (I GUESS they look like twins now...)

After parking, I looked back and saw Brady reading about the American presidents...

... and Jax escaping from a magician trick.

The ice cream truck came to our house for the FIRST time!

Cute Gracen!

Some boys from Jax's class

We're trying to read this this summer

A baseball game with nana

Cousin-time at the pool with Aidan

Brady showing Santina how to bat!

Jax and his first grade teacher!

Pool time after a lesson

First grade boy chaos. (Yes, Jax is dabbing)

No words.

My lunch date

When you tell the kids no iPads and to go outside, and you find all the kids in the neighborhood doing this...

Stop the cuteness.

Brady with his first grade teacher

Saturday morning video games

Brady hanging with Jameson on Father's Day

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Craig & Shannon said...

So CUTE! That red hair on Gracen...he's a doll;)