Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Final Countdown

Yup, the last day of school is upon us. We're ready for summer!
We're going to kick it off this weekend with a couple little league games and day trip up to Green Bay for a family party. We'll see cousin Marley too, so it's a treat!

We'll have a new little buddy as part of the family for a few days too. I know a family with a 2 year old tubie with CP who needed some help in order to go on vacation, so we're going to love up on him for a bit to help them out. I asked the boys if it were ok that we had him for the first few days of their summer break and Brady told me he wished we could have him for the whole week... awe, ok, they're fine with it!

The boys are doing well. Jax is stalling out with eating again lately, regardless of his feeding meds. I'm hoping it's a phase. I have feeding therapy for the summer set up for him where I'm hoping he'll get the hang of how to spit. This marathon feels like 2 steps forward, and 1 back most times. All we can do is keep forging.
I have Brady's speech therapy for summer set up with the same therapist he's had the last 2 summers. She was SO surprised to see his progress last summer and I'm hoping she'll have the same reaction next month when she sees him again this year.

The one new development the boys have started, which seems like a normal sibling thing that all our friends tell us about... TATTLING. My boys never ever told on each other, and I was always nervous they'd cover for each other as teens. Well, they now tattle on each other, but only for really, and I mean REALLY ridiculous things and not anything important. The moment they start to speak, we find ourselves interrupting them saying "are you tattling?? If you are stop".  Parents of the year...
It seems to have gotten better as fast as it started, but in surround sound it's exhausting. I hope the phase is on it's way out for good, ugh!

Wish us luck for the last day, a dentist appointment and a hot weekend with some running around!

AMAZING, lol! Brady doesn't smile often with his mouth open and I guess the lady said to "show your teeth". So, he did. Yup, he's on the right. Showing his teeth.

Hee hee, there's his normal smile :) Ignore their socks please - kids are weird. 

Some Memorial Day Weekend fun over at the Bonins

A spouse-retreat from Jay's company in the Dells - fun for mama!

More Memorial Day Weekend fun swimming at a friend's house

I'm the mom that made the boys and their friends pick up sticks after the last storm before they could play baseball :) We have 2 trees down to deal with - fun, grrrr.

Cute Bubba showing his choppers 

Memorial Day Weekend games

Jax flying a kite!

Timber Rattlers

My view for the next month

Brady munching on some grilled chicken during a pool-break. Tough life kiddo...

Another end-of-1st-grade photo... I love them!

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Jen Tang said...

HI, I have been following your blog for a while. I have twin boys, too (almost 4). I was wondering if I can email you separately to ask about some twin related questions since you are a few years ahead of me. Thanks! Jen