Thursday, July 21, 2016

8 is great!

The boys are officially 8! The boys each took a friend and had family go to a Brewer game the weekend before. Wrangling a pile of little boys during a really hot day at the game was interesting, but definitely ended up being fun!

We had our 5th annual trip up to Loon Lake by the Garbers. It's so interesting to see the kids grow each year and remember them through the years and how different it is every few years. We had a lot of fun and were able to sneak up the night of the boy's birthday, which was a Thursday, so we got a full 3 nights up there which is always really nice. Jason got bit by something on his foot, so he swelled up like crazy, which meant he was snoozing on the dock for awhile with all the Benadryl (and beers), :) ha. Oh the Loon!

The boys had their first taste of tournament-play for baseball. They played their little hearts out and ended up 5th out of 11 teams, which is great, but they were sad to see the season over. Although I already see 'fall ball' in August on the schedule for 2 nights a week, so this particular team/league is over... I'm not sure if baseball is ever really over, ha....
Brady had been having a tough time at batting for a few games and then he went back to his old bat and suddenly had a total come back. He actually had a winning home run the other night which had him running the bases with a HUGE smile and TEARS... omg, I could just imagine that little proud face for the rest of my life!

The boys are in their last few days of summer school as well, so after this week, our days will free up a little bit more thankfully! Our summer has just been non-stop it seems! We'll continue the weekly swim lessons and Jax's feeding therapy, but I'm hoping to do some other fun things with them for this last month that's quickly approaching!

Let's all stop and trade baseball cards...

The boys had their name on the score board, which made all the boys ask HOW that happened for the rest of the game. I may have driven them nuts with "magic" as the answer :) 

Sometimes things like this just kind of happen...

The boys decided to dance with Drew during their birthday lunch
While we got to hang out

Jax and I hit the playground when Brady has speech therapy this summer. This kid is a monkey. (But somehow can't walk further than a mile?)

Loon Lake 2016!

These 3 turned 8 this month!

You're welcome!

A lot of dancing!

Brady's big night on the field
End of the Timber Rattlers Season!

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