Tuesday, August 2, 2016

8 year physicals make my head spin!

We are into August! This is the month of slow-down for us, and yet, we still feel busy, go figure!

We had a weekend up in Manitowoc for the annual Kenny's softball tournament that Jason is in. We were able to spend the weekend with Jay's sister and her family before they were off to Texas to move, so it was nice to have time with them knowing we won't see them as much.

Our days are now filled with 'fall ball' baseball practices where the boys are getting a taste of kid-pitching-batting. Brady pitched last night for the first time and he did amazing! He struck out the last two batters! I think he may be going down the road of pitching :)

They're still working with their swim instructor each week and we're seeing some improvements, although Jax is displaying some issues that he has when in the classroom. He loses interest and becomes tough to work with.

Jax is doing well with his summer-feeding-therapy. He's still working on spitting, which is coming along, but it's messy. He's also starting to learn how to drink from a bubbler/water fountain (whatever word y'all like to use). It's oral motor functions like these, that we all take for granted. It still surprises me often how hard these things are for this kiddo. We've just had a lot of STRAWS and open cups all this time :)

The boys had their 8 year old physicals as well, and Jax is REALLY catching up to Brady! I know the pediatrician's measurements aren't always as 'exact' as the GI clinic or the Endocrinology clinic, but per the pediatrician, the boys weigh the exact same (45.5 lbs) which means Jax has lost a little, but we have an Endo checkup next week, so maybe he'll get some better numbers. Their heights were only 1/4" apart too! 48" gets them to the 15-20%, but their weight is around 5-10%, which, is obvious when looking at them :)
So, the great news is that Jax is getting close to Brady's measurements, but the realistic news is that it still takes nightly tube-feedings and hGH injections to get there, but hey, we'll take it. I have a feeling that the GI doc will be bummed to see Jax's weigh-in next week since we were expecting him to possibly start removing a portion of his nightly tube-feedings, which isn't going to happen. BUT, this seems to be what Jax does in the summer months with all the extra physical activity.

The doc definitely found all the photos of Jax's hand placement interesting. She said it could be nothing more than a 'tic' of his, or it could be a symptom of mild CP. Theres no way for her to know. We're supposed to gently remind him to put his hand in his pocket or behind his back when taking photos to try and help him avoid the embarrassment.
She did think that we already saw a Neurologist in the past, but we didn't, so she said that if we still notice this a lot going forward, or other things, we can always go see someone. She did a complete motor function test on him, which we knew would be ok, but she didn't like to hear how tired Jax gets with walking and mentioned possibly getting into PT again. The problem with PT at school is that Jax would have to show an issue with his motor function in regards to academics, which I can't see happening. He gets occupational therapy for his fine motor deficit since it affects his writing, which is academic (see my point?). So.. there's that whole looming topic that I'm not sure where to go with, or what to push and what not to push... I did notice that when he runs in baseball, his arms are straight for balance, instead of bent like we all do when running... little things are starting to bug me now...

The doc asked if he still got modifications in school for his focus and attention. I kind of chuckled like it was so obvious and then realized she considered that a flag at the age of 8. I just assumed when a kiddo had these issues, they just always had those issues. She said the ages of 4 and 8 are markers for her. So when he had these issues at 4, we saw a Child Development Team to see if we could identify early issue to help. The boys were given the official Dx of Speech Apraxia at that time, which was really helpful in the years following for speech therapy. They didn't see any further official Dx's, but gave suggestions for school modifications, which were used.

I guess now 4 years later, if those modifications are still being used, the child should be re-seen. Ok, I get it! So, the doc will be letting me know if we will start the whole Child Development Team process again (which is a few-month process) or if she just wants Jax to see a Neuro Psych to get a better understanding of how his brain functions in relation to his IQ. Like, why can he read almost 2 grade levels above but struggle with spelling? There's a disconnect and she just wants to better understand how his brain is working so we can get him on a good learning path. So, we're waiting for all that to start.

Then, I found out there was an issue physically that I had NO idea about. Ohhh boy. The doc couldn't find one of Jax's testicles during her exam. She re-evaluated many times looking for it, but Jax was super uncomfortable, so we never found it. I was told to look for it (OMG WHERE DO THEY GO?) over the next week and let her know. Well, when we were in Manitowoc for the weekend, Jay's mom found it after a warm bath, so Jax had Jay's sister call us and Face Time listening to Jax yell, "I FOUND MY BALL!"....


So, it's been found. Although its location is odd and not where it's supposed to be, so we're supposed to watch it and most likely go see a Urologist about it at some point too. LOVELY!

Did I mention that Brady's physical had none of this drama?? LOL. He's skinny and on his typical growth curve without incident. I'm supposed to keep up with the extra calories where I can, but otherwise, he's GREAT and the doc was shocked to see that he hadn't been in her office since the last physical! He gets speech daily at school, so he's supported well and not having issues with anything academic, so his portion of the physical was a breath of fresh air. Whew!

Some of the gang out Saturday night

Lunch with Grandpa Lettenberger

The boys made themselves at home in the announcer's box.

Jason had some fun back on the field

Jax and Jay hanging out watching some games.

Seeing Aidan and Anesah off to the airport on their way to Texas.

We took the boys to lunch and some mini-bowling that afternoon. Because why not?

I made the boys clean out half of their playroom to donate toys... half still to go.

Some froyo with the neighbors one random afternoon

Pool days make me realize I still have 'little boys'

Although, Brady is sure to read all the rules very carefully.

While this kid sits and plays with toys.

And Brady watches... come on, it's kind of funny. I hope they go to college together so Brady can watch over Jax :)

I LOVE moments like this. Brady laid on my bed and talked my ear off about life as I was putting on makeup.

The boys came at me needing new batteries and I laughed so hard that they had these old hats on. Oh these boys...
Brady practicing his pitching.

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