Monday, August 22, 2016

Winding down the season

We're down to the end of it... just over a week of summer left. The weather has been beautiful this year and we've enjoyed our time. I wasn't sure how this summer was going to with me being full time alone with the boys, but it's been great! Don't get me wrong, I need some adult conversation from time-to-time so I don't go crazy, but the boys have been fun.

Jax had his endocrinology follow-up and he's steadily shooting up into the 10th% and looking healthy! The doc kept his hGH at the same dosage, but said with his next growth in 6months he'll have to increase it. We're keeping him on a healthy growth curve with some catch up growth for sure. Side note, the doc examined Jax and took note that we've been looking for the ascending testicle off and on. The doc and I looked and there everything was, perfect as can be. I put my hands up and said, " I SWEAR we had problems finding it for the past month!"
He had to chuckle at that, and assured me that the hGH has nothing to do with it ascending from time-to-time and to rest assured that since we see it, it's healthy and normal to move up like that and with puberty it will all work itself out. So I'm glad I don't have to worry about THAT anymore for the time being! (seriously, wtf)

We popped over to the GI clinic (across the hall conveniently!) and did a weigh-in for the dietician. They can't use the Endo-weight, it has to be THEIR scale. I knew immediately that I'd get a call since Jax hasn't gained any weight at all since they saw him 3 months ago, but he grew, so it makes his weight percentage go down for BMI. Sure enough, I got a call 3 days later to discuss. They're happy he at least maintained his weight, but we reviewed the plan for school and we have our fingers crossed that the less summer activities and more structured school plan will give us some weight gain by his next weigh-in in October with the GI doc. I told the dietician that if he increased his night tube-feeding, I'd cry. I'm pretty sure that statement made me a bad mom, but I can't help to feel success/failure over that darn tube-usage sometimes! Good news is we stay the course and we'll check in in October.

We have an appointment set with a Neurologist in November to just review Jax's history, all these crazy hand placements in photos and a few other things. I have a feeling I know the doc will say it's all because of his birth/growth history and to stay the course with therapies, and that's okay. At least I'll know he was seen, reviewed and we're not missing anything. Can you tell I'm trying to pump myself up for that answer so I'm neither relieved or upset?

We had forms and fee day with pictures at school this past week. The boys got to see who they had for class, who would be IN their class, and to get signed up for all the various going-ons for school. They have open house next week to drop off their supplies, and to explore their classrooms, they're pretty excited!

So we finish up these next 10 days with the pool, the yard, a church picnic and a plan to finish our first novel of Harry Potter. Next up - first day of 2nd grade!

A cute summer photo of the boys. Of course Jax isn't interested in the actual cereal :)

My 37th birthday with some friends

This is an interested way to see Jax's muscle strength. Brady scurried up the wall on all sides and this was Jax just HANGING there on each side. It's interesting because Jax is athletically inclined, yet in this sort of way, he's unable to perform.

Great way to wake up on your birthday!

Jay sent me this photo while I was gone. This kid talked about winning these tickets for DAYS!

Annual WI State Fair Fun!

The difference between my boys in a mall. Jax is flying around in a cape and Brady is trying out clothes by dancing in a mirror ...

The boys asked me to tape them and send it to Jason. He got cut off from them while talking to them in an airport so they wanted to be sure he heard what they wanted to say... it's cute.

Jax at the Endo and growing like a weed!

Oh you boys... so excited to be tall enough for all the rides!

Gotta love it when your kid gets a goose egg on his head 2 days before school pics!

Big B on the pitcher's mound for fall ball.

Leaving swim lessons and going home to eat before baseball. I thought they looked so old while walking behind them...

We took Brady's trainers off and sure enough, he could ride his bike. We took a bunch of diggers but now he's got it. He said he didn't want to leave Jax behind as the only kid in trainers. Well, be-steal my heart buddy, but you can't live your life like that...

Birthday dinner with my handsome hubby
A rainy day drive out to IKEA on a  Sunday and Brady was PUMPED to finally get this Panda he's wanted for  so long. (sigh)

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