Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello Fall!

We had our first 'back-to-school' germ hit us. Jax had a headache, high fever and sore throat, so he bought himself a day home (every first couple of weeks of school!). Jason got it a few days later and then Brady got it, which kept him (and me) home from the Badger game that we were supposed to go to the following weekend. But he was good for Sunday's activities. One of which was a fun day out at a pumpkin farm that Jason and his partner rented out before the season started, so it was a nice uncrowded day with a corn maze, petting farm, hay ride and pumpkins!

Today marks the first day of fall and our wedding anniversary. That means cold weather is on its way! We've got a busy fall planned, so I'm sure you'll get tons of fun pics over the next couple months!

Personalized gloves? Jason is in heaven...
Sunday fall baseball practice for spring (yes, that's a thing)

Jason sent me this one day. It's him. Driving tractor. Which broke down. Twice. He barely got home that night!

Jax reppin' big red

Farm day!

The farmer weighing the boys!

The M4 Family Farm Day!

I found something that Jax enjoys and will sit through - TYPING! It's long and not pretty, but he typed Brady's spelling words and seemed to,,, like it??

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