Friday, October 7, 2016


I swear the weeks are just flying by lately.

The boys received their first bibles at church a couple weeks ago. They're a children's version, so they can read them easier. Brady has been reading from it a few nights a week, he really likes the stories in 'Luke'.
We spent 3 nights back home last week for a wedding for my cousin. My brother and aunt/uncle flew in, so we had a lot of family together. Another uncle flies in next weekend for my grandma's 80th birthday, so we'll have another day with family coming up.

Jax is currently in the evaluation-process with the Neuropsychologist. Jay and I had an interview with the doctor and she got to meet Jax. He will have a full day of testing this coming Tuesday and we should have results at a meeting set for the 25th of this month. I've been digging back for school reports/IEPs and had tons of paperwork completed from Jax's teachers, myself and also signed off for medical records to be reviewed. We know Jax has a lot of struggles and accommodations at school, but if any of it is actually part of a clinical diagnosis is yet to be seen. Jay and I agreed that if something is found or not, we at least know we have done everything to try and help.

In other news, our world is coming to a halt. Jay and I were going to attend a gala in Madison this weekend for children with special needs, but unfortunately there's a crisis happening in his family this week. One of Jay's aunts had a stroke last week and was hospitalized. While there, they realized she has terminal lung cancer and was put into hospice pretty immediate. We got the call while driving home from Green Bay last weekend, so we turned around and went straight to the hospital to see her. Thankfully she was able to see the boys and we were able to talk with her.  Jason has gone back up today to see her again and to offer support to his cousin. Please pray for the family in this difficult time. It's an extremely helpless feeling...

Jay's cousin and his wife visited for a night while playing a charity softball tournament.

Brady refused a photo for some reason.

But as usual, Jax was loud and proud!

My cousin's wedding

My brother is pretty much like the boys...
My brother and niece!

Brunch with some family on the way out of town.

These kids...

These boys...

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