Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday 2016 time!

We had a nice relaxing extended weekend for Thanksgiving. My mom came down to stay for a few days and brought her kitty, which had Brady in HEAVEN. We can't have a dog or cat live in the house permanently due to Jax's lung issues, but we can sure visit pets and have them visit for short periods (with the bedrooms closed). Although, I'm starting to think Jax may be starting to get closer to having strong enough lungs soon to live with a doggie, but time will tell.

My mom and I did a little Black Friday shopping while the boys went to do some indoor batting with Jason, then Jason and I got to run to the mall that night alone for a little shopping and a pizza date.
Jason and I attended a magical wedding Saturday evening while my mom and the boys went to see a play downtown at the Children's theater - very nice little weekend.

We now head into Advent season while getting ready for Christmas, and my dudes are over the moon filled with the holiday spirit. I just love their sweet hearts during this time.

We have a tough week or two ahead of us with Jax's MRI and the waiting for results, but I assure you, I will give a full update on everything we've been dealing with once I get all the information. We've had a few weeks of processing what we know so far, and I'll be better able to give a more 'matter of fact' post for you all then.
Until then, enjoy the shopping, wrapping, light-stringing, tree-trimming, card-mailing next couple of weeks!

Brady would not leave the poor kitty alone. He kept showing him where the bathroom was. Uhh, he's got it bud.

My elves hard at work. Most ornaments are on the bottom half, of course!

Going back to the school routine after a holiday break is the pits.

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