Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Break Horizon

We are in full swing of our holiday season - and a full swing countdown each morning until Christmas as well. The boys are still at such a fun age for the holidays. They're filled with so much magic and understand the true meaning in addition to Santa :)

We're gearing up for a nice little holiday break together and hope to get a lot of family time in before the 2017 begins and we start our busy new year. Jay and I are thinking up some fun days and in addition to our typical tour on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, we also have a New Years weekend out of town with the boys at a lodge for a wedding - they are going to love it all!

Enjoy your end-of-year festivities. We send our love and hope for the best health and happiness!

Brady is always my cookie helper!

Jay and I having a little fun in the capital a couple weekends ago

Birthday party shenanigans for a classmate

Augustus the tax collector and a narrating shepherd in the Nativity Story at church

The Nativity story gang
Cool gifts from Jax's feeding therapist. It's Christmas all month long!

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