Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello Fall!

We had our first 'back-to-school' germ hit us. Jax had a headache, high fever and sore throat, so he bought himself a day home (every first couple of weeks of school!). Jason got it a few days later and then Brady got it, which kept him (and me) home from the Badger game that we were supposed to go to the following weekend. But he was good for Sunday's activities. One of which was a fun day out at a pumpkin farm that Jason and his partner rented out before the season started, so it was a nice uncrowded day with a corn maze, petting farm, hay ride and pumpkins!

Today marks the first day of fall and our wedding anniversary. That means cold weather is on its way! We've got a busy fall planned, so I'm sure you'll get tons of fun pics over the next couple months!

Personalized gloves? Jason is in heaven...
Sunday fall baseball practice for spring (yes, that's a thing)

Jason sent me this one day. It's him. Driving tractor. Which broke down. Twice. He barely got home that night!

Jax reppin' big red

Farm day!

The farmer weighing the boys!

The M4 Family Farm Day!

I found something that Jax enjoys and will sit through - TYPING! It's long and not pretty, but he typed Brady's spelling words and seemed to,,, like it??

Saturday, September 10, 2016

In the swing of 2nd grade!

We finished up summer and started 2nd grade!

The boys have been loving school and we already had our first quick teacher conferences. They're called 'Listening Conferences' and they're for the teachers to just quickly touch base about the student and inform the teacher of anything we want for the school year to start. They went well, although during Jax's conference, the special need's teacher informed me that she'd be pulling Jax for more specialized instruction for the purpose of spelling, so Jax will not be participating in the class spelling tests. She believes he's memorizing the words for the test but there's no connection to applying the point of spelling for writing - there's a disconnect.

I agree that he needs this and I feel very fortunate that we have such an amazing school and staff who recognize these needs and try to help. But I have to say, it definitely gave me pause the past few days thinking about how much Jax is taken out of class for help. He gets pulled out for special writing instruction, occupational therapy, speech therapy and now spelling instruction. Obviously I take him to private feeding therapy after school once a week too, so that's a lot of 'specialized instruction/therapy' for this kiddo still happening at the age of 8. I was really hoping we'd be lessening instead of adding these things.

I called the pediatrician yesterday to let her know the school district has taken Jax out for his own spelling since she asked to be informed if special-education increased any further. The doc has decided to refer Jax to a Neuropsychologist at Childrens Hospital to go through some testing to see if we can find where the disconnect is for him with learning. He can read well above grade level (end of 3rd grade level!) but his writing and spelling is that of a pre-k to kindergartener, so something is off and it's getting worse instead of better. I have no idea how to help anymore than we are! I hope we can figure it out - I truly have no idea. I do plan to be a volunteer each week for math or reading, since I think it will be helpful when at home to see how this is being taught. I think it's good for the boys to see me value school so much... hey, I'll try anything!

The great news is that Jax is riding on TWO wheels for his bike now :) I cried. I'm so happy about it. He still has a lot of 'skill' and balance/breaking and pushing off to work on, but the big part of riding is pretty good!

The boys have been going to a lot of local high school football games this month, which they love all the different stadiums and kids.
We kick off Sunday school for the year this weekend, which I volunteered to start helping out as a Sunday School Teacher - EEEEEEK! Our church is pretty amazing and never ask for large commitments of anyone, so each time/grade has teams of teachers. I have two other team members that I split the year up with, so I'll probably be teaching about a dozen times total over 9 months. I can handle that! Oh my goodness though... who lets me do this stuff?? :)

The boys have had a handful of days back at school and the part-time-job-talks have already started to come my way from my old employer and a friend. Hmm... my full-time stay at home mom gig may be a shorter season of life than I thought! We shall see what shakes out... I swear, every time I'm not 'looking'!!

Last week of summer swim session!

Cuddle time in the basement with a friend!

Food fight outside for a birthday party

Laying outside during story time!

We finished the first Harry Potter in August!

This was their request on the last day of summer before school started.

Jax's last time with training wheels, taking his fox for a ride!

Brady and I stopped at Auntie Rache's house one night and had some play time

Open house at school the week before it started.

2nd grade photos came home already on the first day of school!
Our annual first day of school lunch with a little wine

First day of school!

This side-by-side is interesting to see Jax's growth in the past 2 years!

Success! Jax came home with the 2nd Harry Potter - readers are leaders!