Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back to reality

Whew! We had quite the holiday tour. We had a nice break and everyone is back in the swing of reality now.

The boys started a really strong cough the day before we were leaving for our NYE weekend up in the northwoods to attend the wedding of our friend Gina - she babysits when we go on trips. I brought Jax's nebulizer and all the things needed in case his asthma went downhill. Oddly, the cough was pretty much gone by NYE morning - so ODD. We did neb treatment every 4 hours, and somehow he just bounced back no problem. LOVE IT!

It wouldn't be Jax without possible stitches needed on his face tho. He bumped his face on Christmas day when we were up in Manitowoc at the Lettenbergers. He sliced his eyebrow open and we had Nana and Aunt Sue trying to seal it closed with makeshift butterfly bandages. We did NOT want to sit in an ER for stitches that day, but thankfully the handy nurse work helped a lot. He looked like a hot mess for two days, but alas, that's Jax!

Tomorrow, Jax has his new patient exam with the rehab department. I'm not totally sure what to expect from this appointment, so I'm not totally sure what to think of it. I have my hopes up a little bit that they'll have some amazing treatment or plan to fix some of the issues. I know I shouldn't have those expectations tho... we shall see. I'll update by the end of the week!

A stop by the Garber girls!

Ice fishing outside the lodge

Christmas Eve day in Green Bay

Pretty wedding ceremony!

Uncle Jeff from Tucson!

NYE/Wedding celebration!

Christmas day in Manitowoc with Grandpa Lettenberger

Christmas morning at home

Christmas night with the Hoffmans and Father Dick

We caught him!

Christmas Eve with cousin Amanda

Leaving out cookies for the big guy

They saw the REAL Santa and were peeking at him

Big boy bikes from Santa!

Christmas day with some of the Lettenbergers

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

Treating a cough at the lodge

Hanging at Nordstroms while daddy gets fitted for a suit

This kid and his accidents...

Lunch with Marley over holiday break

Brady loves her cats

The boys enjoying gifts from the grandparents. New games and gamer chairs...

This cracks me up. When Jax hits a wall.

Jax placing 'Baby Jesus' in the crib as we tell the Christmas story with Father Dick

Holiday break celebration with the Carvers and Bonins!

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Matt & Shana said...

LOVE the last photo :) Looks like a great holiday!!