Sunday, February 19, 2017

Maybe coincidence, maybe not??

We are here and all is good. I've been meaning to pop in for an update every single day for two weeks!

The boys are doing pretty well. The only drama that has sprung up, was a phone call that I received from the school last Friday while I was in Madison. We had an awards banquet to attend, so we were out of town and had Jay's parents driving in to stay with the kids. But of course, you know those 3 hours of no one in town is when a phone call happens. I was told that Brady's eye suddenly sprung a case of pink eye and that I needed to come get him. OY. I said that I needed to call my neighbor to come grab him. As soon as the nurse heard this, she said, "NOPE, I'll instruct him how to handle the next couple hours and take care of him, this is no reason to call the emergency backup!". Oh my gosh, I love that woman.
So, I called our nurse and she had the doc call in some drops so they could start them on him right after school. Which they did. Although he was so miserable by Saturday that we kept him out of his basketball game and he transferred it to the other eye of course. By Sunday morning he said his ear hurt too, so Jay took him into an urgent care while I took Jax to church. Neither boy have seen the doc for any illness this fall/winter, so I'd say it was a pretty good run. Jax sees all his specialists, but no pediatrician appointments (KNOCK ON WOOD), so it's been fabulous!!
As for Brady, the doc said that his ear is red, but without a fever, we're assuming it's irritated from the eye infection and causing pain, so we're going the ibuprofen route with the eye drops and assume he'll clear up fine. Which I'm really hoping for because I'd rather stay away from antibiotics if possible.

I also started Brady back up on his nasal allergy spray wondering if that's adding to his facial-hell as well. My allergies are kicked up and his are worse than mine, so I think we're starting it a few weeks early this year - oh my gosh, this SPRING WEATHER this week has been wonderful! But I'm hearing that it's causing illness in people too, so let's keep that out!

In Jax-news, I have a pretty great update. He's started physical therapy as well as using his new shoes and inserts more regularly. Now... maybe it's coincidence, but wow... he played amazing basketball with 10 points and Jason said he was great at indoor baseball practice on Sunday. I can't help but wonder if the physical therapy is helping him use his body a bit better. The therapist really works him out hard and also mentioned trying out "kinesio tape" on him too. I guess it's a type of athletic therapy tape that stays on for long periods to help muscles. I'm interested to see if we try it tomorrow in therapy and implement it into his life. I need to read up on it to understand how it works.

It's been a whirling couple of weeks. Jason and I were in St Thomas for a few days with some Mass Mutual WI agency associates. Miss Gina looked after the boys at home - they had a blast, we had a great time, it was fabulous all around. Then we had the Buddy Bench come in that we ordered last spring. The kid's school had a "kindness assembly" which we attended to present it. Mike and Mindy came in support and as reps from Sherrer Construction Company who sponsors the program and the day turned out GREAT.

We're entering the season of teacher conferences and I've already gotten notice for Brady's 3rd grade IEP for next month. I'm sure Jax's will be around the corner too. I know for sure that Brady's will continue to only be for speech therapy. Jax's will most likely continue to be pretty comprehensive, but overall, he's doing great. He's so sharp with his vocabulary and 'random known facts' that it's almost like it's always a reminder that what he struggles with is really a disconnect with neuro-based dysgraphia/ADHD. But he's definitely doing well with such great school support.

Buddy Bench!

Nana and Papa surprised the boys at a game
St Thomas

The boy's have iPad homework once a week from school

Bus stop shenanigans

Jax was on fire and here he is about to shoot a bucket!

Jason's awards banquet - Agent of the Year!

Watching Brady write out Valentines will never get old.

The boy's enjoying one of Jax's rewards for a month of morning-chart-completion!

Bubbs loves ordering our food at Panera when we have our dinner dates during Jax's feeding therapy each week.

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