Monday, March 27, 2017

Bus woes

We're into the last week of March.

The boy's IEP meetings went well. Brady is 80% intelligible to an unknown listener and Jax is at 90%. They basically sound like Bostonians with a 'wicked eastern accent'. They're definitely progressing!

Jax's IEP is still pretty intense with a lot of intervention now that writing is becoming more and more extensive. Even his test taking has to have accommodations. We didn't realize he was taking all his state testing separately with his special ed teacher prompting him through to stay on task and to help with his writing.

His focus and attention is probably at the same level it's been, but the expectations are picking up, so that's why his needs for accommodations seems to be getting bigger. He'll also need to keep an aide at lunch and continue with OT, speech, writing, spelling and class/testing accommodations. The team is great and make the process pretty painless for us since they're so involved and give all the suggestions. When we reviewed Jax's new medical diagnoses this year to be added to the document, I was able to get through it without choking up, so I feel like my acceptance-processing has come pretty far. But one of his therapists teared up, so we almost made it through :) But of course, his happy and funny spirit make it easier to move on from bumming too long.

We had a little bit of a bus-issue last week. Jax came off the bus with a red face, which was a clue that something upset him. Apparently, there were two boys (4th grader and a 1st grader) playing with a ball, and Jax tried to intercept it since balls aren't allowed. The 4th grader shoved him face first to the floor of the bus and then both the boys proceeded to kick him while he was down. Brady ran to the driver, who then pulled over to break it up. After Jax took his hat off, I could see a red bump with skid marks. Ohhhhh I was so upset. They told me that it was a boy who lived close by us... I immediately contacted Jay and wanted him to come home and go over to the house with me to talk to the parents. Thankfully, he was in a meeting, so he couldn't come home and deal with my insanity.

I emailed the principal and Jax's teacher giving the information that the boys gave me, including a picture of Jax's head. Thankfully, the principal took complete care of it and the bus driver made reports with details as well. Jason spoke to the bus driver in the morning who profusely apologized, but obviously it wasn't her fault.

In the end, the parents of the boys met with the principal at school, and the 4th grader was suspended from the bus (I'm not sure how long, but he hasn't been on there since). His father - who I found out is a doctor, and was upset by the photo knowing how badly a child could be hurt in that situation -  wanted his son to personally apologize to Jax with the principal, which happened a few days ago.
I found it interesting that the principal told me that after the 4th grader apologized, Jax said, "that's ok". The principal intervened and said "No, Jax it's not ok. It's never ok to be attacked. You can say that you accept the apology, but not that it's ok".
Dang... she has wisdom. Our principal is retiring after 51 years in the district this spring, and she'll be MISSED!

A visit from Nana and a movie/pancake night

Bucks suite with some clients

Jax and Brady doing a birthday shout out to the Bonin twins

Brady and I practicing cursive during a bagel shop stop.

St Pats day fun.

Found these tiny things during a closet clean out!

My fish during weekly swim lessons.

The bus incident bump.

Beauty and the Beast - was good!

Dude-central during March Madness in our house.

Not fun. A skin biopsy on my nose. Good news, it was negative - whew! Sunblock... wear it.

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Matt & Shana said...

I'm so sorry about the bus incident!! That principal is very wise :)