Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wrapping up a sport season and some illness!

We wrapped up the basketball season, got hit with some viruses, and had some fun!
I've decided that no matter what time of year it is, we're busy busy. But I certainly don't miss the sicky times that haunts everything.

The boys were able to go onto the court at a Bucks game and stand with the players during the anthem as part of their basketball league. That was a fun night for them, although it ended up being WAY too late for Jax. He handle 9pm, and even 10pm, but 11pm... I just wait for his system to drop.

Sure enough, Jax started a slight runny nose with a cough that would.not.quit. After two nights of being up with him, his pulse ox suddenly showing me numbers that indicated he wasn't keeping up anymore. His pediatrician didn't have openings that day until at the end of the day, so I ran Jax into an urgent care. Which had a 2 hour wait, so then I ran him to another pediatric urgent care since I didn't want him sitting in a waiting room around other germs (and I knew his issue was really asthma and not some infection).

We were able to get in right away at my second stop and the doc confirmed that there was no movement in his lungs, so they gave him a breathing treatment of a different type of albuterol (starts with an X). They were able to confirm the absence of pneumonia (which I told them wasn't on my radar since he wasn't fevering) but he wasn't holding his own with his lungs for sure. He was put on prednisone for a week and we saw a difference right away. I do NOT miss that runaround, so I'm thankful that this scene doesn't play out often at all anymore.

The bummer news is that this doc had me go back UP to his higher dose of daily preventative, which we were hoping to continue coming down on. Jax has a followup with his asthma specialist in a few weeks, so it will be interesting to see what he thinks about it all. The good news is that there was no hospitalization, no ER and no emergency. But I was still exhausted and ended up slightly frazzled. I swear I get PTSD triggers sometimes, because my anxiety flies randomly over these things.

Jax also saw his Endocrinologist last week for his 6 month checkup. He's growing nicely, and from the look of the curve, it looked like he was around 15% on the height chart! He's a whopping 49.5", but at a mere 48lbs, which is like, 5% for weight... blah. Gotta get that weight going, but with a small increase in his hGH injections, it may help his weight a bit too. Jax sees his GI/dietician team in mid-May, so I'm going to swing him by for a weight check and dietician call when we're at the hospital in April for another appointment. I tried to get him in after his endocrine-appointment last week, but their office was closed by the time we headed over there. I think it's just time to go back to stuffing extra calories again since I'd prefer to not add more formula to his tube-feeding.

We had some cute elementary school things happen. The boys had their 2nd grade musical concert, their listening conferences where they present all the things they've been working on in school, and we're getting ready for both of their IEP meetings coming up in the next two weeks. Making plans for third grade... wow, where does the time go?

Jax's listening conference

Brady's listening conference

On the court during the anthem during a Buck's game

Last basketball game

Jay's hair got so long, that I clipped it up during some homework! He did NOT like that...

Doing some hamstring stretches while waiting for the bus

Brady at Sunday baseball practice

Brady helped make a cake!

Brady loving his soup during our dinner date (during Jax's feeding therapy)

I don't miss these scenes!

Building altars in Sunday school - boy team

Jax doing his duet

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