Wednesday, April 19, 2017

RIP Lucy

Spring is here and it's been great to get out and enjoy the warmer weather, the Easter weekend and spring break.

It felt like so much had been renewing until we came face-to-face with our first pet death. Our guinea pig Lucy wasn't moving one afternoon and I knew something was wrong. I picked her up and it was obvious something was wrong. Jason immediately researched ideas of what to do and most information said that once a piggy stops moving/eating/drinking, it's usually the last phase of an illness. Most piggies hide illness because they're predatory pets. We gave her extra love and even put food and water right next to her, just in case.

I had an event to attend that evening, and by the time I sat down for dinner, Jason texted me that Lucy had already passed away. He took the kids out of the house for dinner (since info online said to leave the pet in the cage for a few hours for the living piggy to have its time with it). The kids were very upset when they came home to realize it was for real. Poor Jason dealt with it all by himself.
The boys decorated her grave site with the neighbor kids after church the next morning, which seemed to help. They were pretty upset for a few days, so we had a lot of tearful bedtime talks about it. I can't even imagine what it must be like for families to lose cats or dogs that have been around MUCH longer.
Our piggy Piper was definitely grieving all week. She wasn't running around and barely eating. I cleaned everything from top to bottom and we've been sure to take Piper out each day to spend time with her. The boys even put a stuffed animal pig in her cage so there was the presence of something else in there with her.
Piper has seemed to perk up in the last few days and she even popcorned for me this morning when I gave her hay (popcorn is a jumping movement that piggies make when they're excited).

We thought about getting another cage mate for Piper, but we're not sure. She's our feisty piggy who is pretty dominate. I think we'd need to get another adult female, rather than a baby. We peeked at the available piggies at the Milwaukee Humane Society, and there were only males. We'll check out the Elmbrook site and keep our eyes open if there's a good fit for rescuing another piggy or not. If Lucy was the surviving piggy, she'd definitely need another cage mate, but Piper may not do well, so we shall see.

In other news, we were able to get a bunch of Jax's followup appointments done during spring break - we're so fun, aren't we?? But really, we just don't want to keep missing school, so it's best to get them done on days off like that.
Jax saw his asthma specialist and we lowered his daily inhaler dosage and we're going to try and take away Singulair in a month to see how he does. We are trying to get him down to the least amount of daily meds as possible! So that was a great appointment (until the doc asked about our piggies).
Then Jax had his checkup with the Rehab Clinic for his CP. They were SO pleased to have a full report from his physical therapy and to see he had the inserts in his shoes. The plan going forward is to checkin for PT-needs and follow up with the Rehab Clinic every 6 months. They want him to have a PT session the week before any big trips, so we have one set up the week before we go to Washington DC in June, and to use the Kinesio Tape on his legs.
We took a train down to Chicago for a quick day away to see some museums. Jax made it through it all for the first time in his life, so it's definitely helped!!

The boys are back at school and we are in full swing of spring clean for the house with the yard, windows and all that fun stuff :) OH, and baseball... the 3 month chaos is beginning :)

The Field Museum

The only Easter day picture that I got!

Brady and Piper

The Bonins at their birthday party

Sunday school antics

Appointments, grrrr

Train ride excitment

This kid.

The boys took the Alexa speaker and found Queens greatest hits. They threw a concert for their stuffed animals. The floor was covered...

A birthday party during spring break

Jax looking old and very pleased with himself after telling me I was his pretty honey bunny after I told him to eat his food.

Parent Fail :)

Brady looking fly at the bus stop

Jax wanted in on the jam.

Lucy's resting place

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