Thursday, May 4, 2017

MAY DAY, it's baseball season!

Only Jax.
He came home from school last week telling me that he his tooth was hurting and he told his teacher (who told him to tell me). Well my gosh, he showed me where it hurt and I gasped looking at what looked like a tooth coming out of his gum line above his tooth. I called the dentist the next morning and the office said that if it's causing pain and the baby tooth below it isn't loose at all, that he should be checked out.
I was hoping the baby tooth would show signs of loosening up over the 5 day wait to see the dentist. Once a tooth is a tiny bit wiggly, Jax will have that thing out the same day, but the tooth never became loose. We headed to the dentist this morning and Jax, of course, told the dentist he had no pain there and he was fine. ((EYE ROLL))
So they took an X-Ray since he was due for it anyway at his next checkup in July. All looked fine and in fact, that tooth isn't anywhere near coming in. The dentist thinks that's discoloration of his gumline right there while things are all moving around and also possibly a sore. Right next to this area, on top of his front tooth was an obvious flared ulcer on the gumline. OMG. Now of course I'm happy to know this is no dental emergency, but really... canker sores? The dentist asked if he's been trying new foods (knowing his food-history) and I said he has been trying out tangerines a week ago, and even ate some of a raspberry.
I blame Jason.
The dentist said it can be hereditary and there's so many reasons for flare ups. Stress, lack of sleep, and even WEATHER, but mostly acidic foods. Jason has chronic canker sores and Brady has them off and on enough to be right in Jason's foot steps. Jason's dentist has even mentioned how many he has and has him taking the supplement Lysine to try and help them.

So that's all real neat.

Baseball season is officially in full swing. We had the first game canceled due to rain (which was constant here for awhile and getting everyone down in the dumps!), but we forged on during the week. The boys are loving it, but I just can't wait for the weather to warm up a little more! So, our schedule picks up a lot this month since the boys have league games during the week and then the select team plays in tournaments two weekends a month. I've been creative with still fitting in feeding therapy and their private swim (which I'm hoping has them prepared enough for group-lessons this summer).
I gotta say, watching them play is pretty darn cute. Their birthday cut off puts them in a league up (kid-pitch) so in addition to the youngest, you can bet they're some of the SMALLEST, but they're holding their own so far. So stinking cute.

Now tell me this doesn't look like a tooth breaking thru!

They were so excited for baseball to start that they wore their league t-shirts to school.

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