Friday, June 23, 2017

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Some moons have aligned, and I was able to finally track down a home health care company who actually bills out of Wisconsin and carries the new tube-feeding food for Jax. The original company who I found was willing to supply all the food, supplies and equipment, but they billed outside of the state, so it was out-of-network for our health insurance. They were helpful and suggested a company for me to try. After finding out they don't carry the food, they realized they did have a new division for enteral feeding that I was sent to. Well guess what... this 'division' carried the food, billed out of WI and also accepted only one insurer, which happened to be OURS (thanks Cigna!). I told the lady on the phone, "WAIT a minute... are you telling me that an insurance-moon aligned for me???" She thought that was pretty funny.

So, I've been handing the transfer of powers for all of Jax's supplies, equipment and food this past week and I had to make the HORRIBLE phone call to the nurse I work with each month at our current home health care company. She was so disappointed to have us leave, but understood that I really wanted this better product for Jax. She said she was going to definitely have a meeting with upper management, but for the time being, the product wasn't profitable enough for them to carry it. I really hope that these products become more available to consumers as time goes on.
I admit, it was harder than I thought to call and cancel our account and set up a pick-up of our things. I've been using this company for years and even the driver who came to pick up the items was bummed out today. It's interesting how close you get to all the moving parts of your child's care team!

The boys just finished up a week of VBS (Vacation Bible School) and they had a blast. The theme this year was 'striking out hunger' with a baseball twist. Their efforts this summer was our own community (last year it was sending kids to school in El Salvador) and they feel so much pride seeing their work go to help those around us. Much like the soup kitchen they've been going to for a few years.
They raised over $500 for the community garden in the city of Milwaukee, and they all visited it with some yoga in the vegetation as well :) They collected over 600 items for the Waukesha Food Pantry and also made over 600 sandwiches for a shelter. I'm so happy to see that they get joy out of these activities.

I'm also happy to have them participate in servanthood like this as we prepare for a family vacation this weekend. We'll be attending the Mass Mutual Leaders Conference in Washington D.C., which the boys are beyond excited for. But with any over the top fun experience like that, I like to have them remember how fortunate they are to have these times.

Two weeks of summer in the books. Life is good!

We love corn!

Bubb made it to the top!

Testing Jaxon's skillzzz

Papa and the boys on Father's Day. Papa had a knee replaced!


The food is here!

I need the new med supply cabinet to be done NOW! (Not starting until Sept, so it sits on the kitchen floor)

Day 3 of their collections

Big B and his crew at the gardens


Meegs said...

Its crazy how connected to you get to random people who are regularly in your life. I remember saying a tearful goodbye to the mailman who delivered to my old work!

My daughter and I are coming to Wisconsin at the beginning of August. We'll be stopping in Milwaukee before heading West to Minnesota. Do you have any must see places to stop?

Annie said...

Meegs, you guys should go the Childrens Museum, the Art Museum or even get to the State Fair if you're here when it starts (Aug 3). Our state fair is quite unique with all the food trucks and crazy creations. And the animals are top notch for kids (it IS Wisconsin :))