Sunday, July 23, 2017

9 is fine!

The boys are officially 9 and with an 8-day baseball tournament that wouldn't end, the celebration was pushed back, making for a long drawn out weekend!

The boy's little league team kept winning thru the week, which made me worried it would run into their bowling birthday party on Friday night. Well sure enough, it did. I had to go on a search to try and find the information of the parents who the kids gave invites to back in the last week of school!

I was able to find most of them, and crossed my fingers one of them didn't show up. The kids and I ran and got cupcakes to bring to the game to mark the occasion at least that night. They were in heaven!
The next day we had to leave for a 2 hour drive up to a family event, but the kids made it to the championship game that morning. We literally had to leave straight from the field in their uniforms to not be too late! The great news is that the boys won, so they were on cloud 9 and not putting those trophies down.

I was able to move their bowling party to Sunday afternoon, and even able to still scrape some kids together to attend. Thank goodness for neighbors to fill in the holes :)

The boys had their 9 yr old physicals last week, and all is good! Jax has a few cafe au lait spots (one on his lip to always look like he has food on his face), and he's really destroying his finger nails being fidgety, but otherwise the boys are growing nicely.

They weigh the exact same weight at 48.5 lbs! Jax has almost caught up to Brady in height, which is amazing given the fact that Brady has a beautiful growth curve (50.5" and 50"). So the hGH injections are still working really nice.
Brady needs to work on drinking more milk with meals, but otherwise, he eats a lot and isn't picky, so it's the only thing we can think of for now. A lot of genetics at play there it seems!
Jax has been eating pretty great lately. It seems that the new plant-based tube food at night may be helping his hunger during the day. He's been eating about double the amount he ever has, which has us and the feeding therapist SO hopeful! Our fingers are crossed and my heart is praying that it continues.
The checkups were great, we love seeing the doc (who we see much less of with better health!). The only snafu was that the boys each have a bit of a vision issue. They need to see the eye doc - boooooo... I'm hoping so much that they don't need glasses already (Jason and I had glasses as children and are both equally blind as adults) - so we'll see where that all goes. ugh.

The boys have graduated to level 2 for swimming (omg it took a YEAR) and Brady is tying shoe laces now :) I'm working with Jax, but it's so frustrating for him, that we'll be working on it for awhile. I think Brady could've gotten it sooner, but I haven't gone back to teach him in so long! (my bad)

We are going to enjoy the rest of July with a lot of swimming, backyard play, getting into the next Harry Potter book and loving the weather!

Does this cake scream 9 yr old boys or WHAT?


The day before their birthday, we had an awesome lunch with the Bonins!



This kid. With being out of school, he's started picking his fingers more than usual. He got a lecture from me and the doctor that he can easily get an infection!

Birthday afternoon fun with dad during lunch

Birthday evening baseball game with some cupcakes for the kids


They never put the trophies down during the 2 hr ride!

Nana brought cake

Aunt Denise is a new grandma! Ryan and Brittany had a baby, Aria!

Klassy guys

Birthday bowling

I thought the boys on the end were hilarious trying to focus on their lunch with a game on the TV.

I may or may not have given the boys a game that I wanted for myself... bottle bash!

The boys learned how to pit cherries!

Pool fun with the neighbors

My dining table has turned into a lego station for the month.

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