Sunday, October 8, 2017

3rd Grade is a hit!

Well, there went September and we're knee-deep into October already! We seem to have a busier than usual fall this year. September had me out of state for my cousin, Alyssa's wedding in Wichita. The following weekend we were out of town with the boys for Jason's cousin, Nick's wedding.
Jay and I were able to sneak away the following weekend for our 10 yr wedding anniversary. We went downtown Milwaukee to just spend a little time together, and it was really nice. And that wrapped up September!

October is proving to busy as well, but I think November slows down a little bit - so far :)
This weekend we'll be getting our family pictures done. We did them during winter last year, so we're trying to mix it up between fall and winter every other year. The following weekend is my 20 yr class reunion back home in Green Bay, and then we end the month with a big client event that Jason and I are hosting at a large apple farm. What a fun fall, y'all!

Jax had his 6 month checkup with the Endocrinologist to check on his growth and adjust his hGH medication. Jax officially caught up to Brady in height! The doc was so happy to see them the same size and said Jax will probably pass him up a little bit when all is said and done. Brady's growth was stalled at birth - meaning he was small for his gestation, but since he never had GI/Feeding issues and stayed on his skinny curve, we didn't have to intervene. But that also means, he may come in under his intended final height, whereas Jax has the hGH to give him the best chance at his intended final height - so we shall see how that all shakes out. Either way, they are HEALTHY and that's all that matters.

Jason and I did the hearing for the Medicaid coverage a few weeks ago. I don't have a good feeling about it, but we shall see. We worked so hard to get Jax on Medicaid, and half the reason he was accepted was because he's dependent on a feeding tube, but then they don't want to cover feeding therapy (to continue trying to getting OFF the tube). So, if they don't cover it, we will still provide it, which would make it pointless to have Medicaid if we're blasting out our 'OOP' max on our private insurance (sigh) we shall see. What upsets me most is that there are many kids out there who don't get therapies if not covered by insurance... so a kid like Jax wouldn't get the opportunity to rehab to a full eater some day. Will he? We hope so, but it's the therapy that keeps the hope alive!

Anyway...the boys are plugging away hard at school. Jax is doing a spelling test each week. A few of the words are with the class, but most of them are with his special teacher. He really struggles on some words with mixing up the letters or inserting letters that don't have any sound to the word at all, but with repetition and only two words a day, he's been getting all 100%. Which I tape on the wall next to his bed so he feels pride for it.

So far 3rd grade is a big hit and I hope it continues!

A family wedding
The boys with the Endocrinologist.

3rd grade pics - Brady told Jax he looked 'creepy'.

Nana and Papa with the boys at the wedding.

I still find them wrapped up in each other when watching TV or the iPad.

Us sitting in the corner of the gym trying to stay awake since the boys didn't want us following them around during the sock hop.

The boys kept running to us to show us the prizes they won.

Jason and a friend took their boys on the train down to Chicago for the Bears vs Steelers game.

Memories for life.

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