Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Deep into the season!

We are deep into the holiday season, and the boys are filled with the spirit of the season for sure! They really wanted a family dinner for Thanksgiving - sometimes it's just the four of us at home going out to dinner since other family is usually tied up and out of town. We headed up to my mom's house up in Green Bay since my uncle was home from across the country and had a nice little dinner.
You can bet that Christmas threw up all over our house the next day and the boys couldn't be happier.
The only Black Friday shopping that we did was for a washer and dryer to go into the mud room when it's finished. I've found that online deals have been better than in-store shopping. I don't enjoy crowds and running around like that anyway so it's been a win/win for years!

We're trucking along pretty well this season. Our decorations are up, cards are sent and presents complete - just need to WRAP them ;)

The boys had a small holiday concert at school where we watched Jax sway back and forth throughout every single song. It was so cute to see that one kid rocking, so it was never hard to spot him.
They are now preparing for their Nativity play at church. Jax is pumped to play the role of Joseph and Brady is a shepherd and a narrator (as requested). I just found out that the Sunday School director has a family emergency out of state, so I will be directing the play with other teachers (OMG). Pray for us... lol

Jax is doing pretty well with his altered tube-feedings. He has some pretty decent days of eating, which is promising. But he definitely still has some lousy meals too, so I try to not get my hopes up too much. By our weigh-ins at home, he seems to have possibly gained some ounces so far. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but we do know he hasn't lost any weight. He'll be officially weighed in at the hospital on Jan 23, so hopefully that proves to be hitting some weight-goals.

We're looking forward to a very busy couple of weeks here with St Nick visiting tonight, a basketball tournament, holiday parties and the play. We hope you all enjoy the hustle and bustle of these next couple weeks leading up to Christmas!

Jax didn't enjoy the quiet outdoor time, but it sounds like Brady did.

Helpful boys!

I still find them cuddling.

And sitting around like this...

And visiting the guinea pig like this...

Thanksgiving at Nana Jayne's

Aunt Jessica was trying to help with Jay's sore back.

The boys love getting their annual lego Advent calendar from the Bonins

These two upset during the Steelers/Packers game.

Such a turkey

Brady playing the bells at his concert.

We always catch Jax sleeping with that ELF hat each year!

Jameson and Santina's birthday party!

My studs looking sharp for their concert.

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