Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hello 2018! Boo for the flu tho, blech!

Hello 2018!
We had a pretty great year of health and development for these kiddos. We had a super busy December that I'm still trying to recover from!

The boys played Joseph and a shepherd in the Nativity Christmas play, which was beyond cute. This was their last year for the play, so I soaked it up. We had Christmas celebrations back 'home' a few hours north a couple different times, so that was some driving back-and-forth on 3 different occassions. We had a really nice Christmas eve with cookie baking and a viewing of Home Alone, but then back up 'home' Christmas day. My brother and his fiancee' came from Portland Oregon for the week, while we also had a get together with friends and godchildren, a neighborhood party and then it was New Years! Thankfully we stayed in!

We've been looking for someone to fill the role of vacation-nanny for us when we're away on trips, or if gone overnight. The ladies we've had over the years have all gone on to get married and have children. Finding the dependability and comfort in someone else was giving me anxiety! My friend uses with great results, so I gave it a try. We got SO lucky. A woman who recently retired as a college professor was looking for a couple families to care for on an as-needed basis. Her daughters moved out of state and she wanted to enjoy retirement, but still wanted to be needed. She is WONDERFUL. The boys liked her and we really enjoyed our time with her. Her references were very impressive and she's local... I'm so happy we all found each other! She had researched g-tubes and injections before coming as well... pretty cool. She's not intimidated with his medical care at all, (siiiiigh of relief!)

Jax has been doing really well with his feeding and the lowered amount of his tube feeding. I think he's gaining weight, so I'm optimistic about his weigh-in at the hospital in a couple weeks. I have lofty goals/requests to the docs if he does show a nice gain. I'm definitely getting my hopes up!
I had to change the product he uses for his milk drink during the day. I've finally just realized I can mix chocolate Carnation powder with whole milk to provide the calories and vitamins. Since his diet is better as well, I stopped fighting it. It turns out he loves it. I'll call that a win.

I'm hoping this sudden bout of the FLU with Jax doesn't mess up the weight gain.. yes, he has influenza A...boooo. He had started a cold on Thursday so I had the school give him his inhaler, and he even went to basketball practice later that evening. That night I realized he was a little warm during our bedtime hug. He was just under 100, so I was thinking, "hmmm". By the morning he was definitely down for the count and his temp spiked to over 102. His coughing wouldn't get better with his breathing treatment so I popped into his doc to check his lungs with his asthma that afternoon. The doc said he was doing really well, but with his fever (he rarely ever gets a fever, it's been years) and his achey legs, she wanted to swab him for the flu so we could treat him with Tamiflu and steroids just in case with his history.
Sure enough, it came back FAST with flu-A. The doc thinks he doing well because he had the flu shot, but who knows. Flu A is supposed to be the worst of the flus, so I'm slightly shocked how well he's doing.
He's continued to eat small meals and take fluids by mouth. The fever is relentless, but his lungs are doing well. We're on day 2 and I hope it stays the course and doesn't get worse - wish us luck! It's been 3 years exactly since such an illness has hit, but I can honestly say he is such a stronger kid this time around!

Big B on the court

Santa and his elf ready for the holidays

My fabulous niece Marley

The Bonin & Berger Bunch kiddos

Christmas program

A common scene at our house over a 10 day period

A couple of uncles and Jay hanging at a party

Jason and Uncle Adam showing the boys some cribbage skills at a downtown lunch outting

Brady modeling some Harry Potter pjs from Nana

 A pj-NYE night!

Christmas morning scene

Grandma Laura with the elves

Jax still wore that elf hat to bed most of the season

This little video cracks me up. It's Jax trying to make some free throws. His reaction at the end is my favorite. 

You're welcome.

Jax got nervous and then realized Santa's hand was on his tube. He asked Santa to make this his year to be done with the tube... I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!

Harley Museum fun with Uncle Adam and Aunt D

BINGO fun with the Bonin kids!

Holiday taco party with the Spielbauers!

Jax and these turkey legs from Uncle Dave's house. Funny how those are at MY house now!

Brady runs a tight ship.
A cribbage playing motley crew with Adam and Danya visiting!

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Matt & Shana said...

Hoping 2018 is a great year for you guys!! side note as someone who has been reading your blog a loooong time :) I cannot believe how tall Marley is now!! Funny we still haven't aged a day! Happy New Year!!