About this family

Loving these boys. Going through the journey of surprise premature monoamniotic twin boys. You'll read about the fight and heartaches of one child having special medical needs, both with developmental delays and the joys of two fabulous little men.

We are navigating, sometimes stumbling, our way through as our boys are already deep into elementary school (we blinked!). We are learning as we go, sometimes gracefully and sometimes not.

Our son Jaxon is G-tube dependent after years of reflux and the lack of full oral motor control. He is on the journey of learning how to eat, and maybe enjoy it some day! It took until the age of 8 for the diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy (Hemiplegia) and Mild HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy) due to a brain bleed at birth, that we didn't think affected his motor coordination. After years of continued complications with the addition of learning and attention issues, we found ourselves at this place.
Jax also suffers from asthma and we fight the good fight daily struggling with Apraxia of Speech for both kiddos.

Beyond all the complications, these are some of the happiest, funniest and most-abled kids you'll ever fall in love with. We learn a little bit each day that a disability only means finding different ways to do anything we want. We are perfectly imperfect just like everyone else! We hope you enjoy reading about us and maybe learn to believe in miracles yourself. We've had a few and still hope for a few more...